Hate Hustlers/ Race Baiters/Ignoring Killers/ The Agenda is more important then the Truth

Hate Hustlers/ Race Baiters/Ignoring Killers/ The Agenda is more important then the Truth

A few weeks ago the current Mayor and the Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson were on every newscast in Chicago touting the 30% drop in violent crime for the first 3 months of 2019 as compared to 2018. Certainly there are times when one has to give credit where credit is due. THIS IS NOT ONE OF THOSE TIMES. Chicago's first 3 months of this year saw one of the worst winters on record. Scientists call it Polar Vortex. Most Chicagoans call it dam'n cold. So its no surprise that Chicago as well as Antarctica saw a reduction in violent crime.

Even the Chicago gang thugs chose to stay warm over shooting and  killing. Within hours of all the braggadocio when the weather warmed up a bit, Chicago had another mass shooting, followed by 5 murdered and 22 wounded.  But hey that somehow never seems to deter these folks when it comes to bullshitting the press and the public. Police leaders and Politicians have about as much to do with controlling violent crime THESE DAYS,  as they do controlling the weather. Those gang thugs will eventually find and kill  each other and the mayhem will continue.


Today as I write this, we look at the headline you see above this article A neighborhood baby shower attacked in a drive by shooting, 6 shot, including 2 children. War on a baby shower, not exactly a new low, but it's down there. Of course none of the scores of other survivors saw anything and are not cooperating with the Police. Actually if you thought about that, ask yourself,  would you give information to the cops about thugs who would attack a baby shower, and shoot indiscriminately at women and babies? Not if you wanted to go on living.

So here we have two weekends since the grand speeches about violence being down and so far 55 have been shot and at least 12 are murdered. I'm asking you to believe me when I say this not not cynicism, just the facts. Surely someone has to be responsible for this. Ah! yes here is the response by Congressmen Bobby Rush and Local Clown activist Jamal Green who was a candidate for Mayor of Chicago.. Most certainly if the show fits where it." It fits both of them.


At a rally Saturday at Operation Rainbow Push Congressman Rush trying desperately to prop up beleaguered Cook County States Attorney Kim Foxx who is under a fusillade of criticism for her blundering, stumbling,  shocking handling of the Jussie Smollett  hoax. In front of multiple TV cameras and reporters Rush announces to the world that the Chicago Police Union is the sworn enemy of black people. Here is a guy who just ignored 12 murders and 55 people shot in a 2 week period and attacked the Chicago Police Union.


This from a guy who was the "DEFENSE MINISTER OF THE BLACK PANTHER PARTY." The Chicago police Department is made up of thousands of men and women of all colors, races, and nationalities. For 33 years I served alongside some of the most dedicated people on earth. Scores that I knew gave their lives for a city they loved, others were severely injured serving and protecting 24 hours a day. Chicago's cops have a 60% higher suicide rate then any department in America. YES! there is a price to pay for the constant drum beat of having a front row seat to all that violence and mayhem.Working in neglected neighborhoods, with poor residents, and horrid schools, and living conditions. Brought on by 60 years of failed politics and Racism. Yet there were are front and center for much of the blame.


Next up in the hate mongering department is Jamal Green who ran for Mayor of Chicago but evidently didn't have enough family members to get elected. This so called activist decided that it would be fitting his agenda by using the Color Blue which is universally considered to describe the Police profession and coming up with the slogan"BLUE KLUX KLAN." No question cops have thick skin, but at times that old saying"sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me," gets tested by the likes of Rush and Green.




Both haters Rush and Green without question have an agenda, preaching hate to people who most likely are not that well informed or who may very well have the same agenda, but for politicians and leaders to remain mute and not come to the defense of decent public servants is in  itself shameful. The figures above do not lie. It tells the story of neglect and delusion. After looking at this, reality sets in, and arbiters  of hate and their platforms must be banished. Somebody other that myself needs to call out the haters, don't deny the truth, and attack a profession instead of those responsible, is unconscionable. Every once in a while even  those who are dedicated to helping others needs a little help and support. Repudiate the message of hate and those who peddle it.





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