Clueless In Chicago/ First try and place blame/ When that fails then search for answers

Last Wednesday at least 500 teens gathered in and around Chicago's downtown and North Michigan Avenue, in what is commonly called a wilding. Hundreds of shoppers and tourists scrambled as huge brawls broke out as they snatched purses, cell phones,  beat people at random and flooded into stores to smash and grab merchandise.  Certainly nothing new to the city;  it's happened several times in the past but hey! this was the season opening and it was a Wednesday, so the media was front and center.

Some media outlets even went as far to say it was just those pesky YOUTHS blowing off steam during Spring Break.  I suppose if getting your ass kicked by a pack of thugs and getting your cell phone and your purse stolen and having your store looted is blowing off steam, debating that theory would be tantamount to feeding medicine to the dead. Have we actually come to believe that?  Below is today's invitation to come and ACT UP.  It has an added aspect because it's the day marijuana becomes legal in Illinois.  Man I hope those cops behave themselves.



In the aftermath of all this, the police did make at least 38 arrests.  In a stunning article in ChicagoNow one of my fellow contributors managed to place the blame on, GET READY! YEA! THE POLICE.  Evidently 38 arrests somehow didn't seem right. The reality of the whole thing is immediately after the event, the Press contacts their usual contributors, the ACLU, the University of Chicago crime lab, and several others who without question were probably no less than 20 miles from the mayhem.

Because the mob was predominately black the ACLU of course said they were going to look at video to see if PROFILING MIGHT HAVE TAKEN PLACE.  Next up in the BATTERS box is the University of Chicago''s Craig Futterman who stated that there is something very wrong with the police selecting individuals of color and herding them out of certain areas. I mean 75 years of academic study could not produce so much stunning thinking.


Another voice was soon to hit the airwaves.  In a stunning Gettysburgesque speech to the media (for a Chicago politician anyway) Alderman Brian Hopkins,  whose Ward includes part of Michigan Avenue had this to say,  " IF THERE ARE NO CONSEQUENCES TO CRIMINAL ACTS, YOU'RE GOING TO SEE AN INCREASE IN CRIMINALS ACTS."  No he hasn't been in a coma for the last 3 years.  However, when businesses in his Ward start to complain about the massive disruption and their bottom line (which is always cash profits) the Aldermanic instincts kick in immediately. He went on to say that it's clear looking at social media that teens flooding downtown are embolden by the new policies (3 years ago these policies went into effect) of Cook County States Attorney Kim Foxx (her again) who has refused to prosecute many low level crimes such as shoplifting and theft and many others.


Many cops who know the system well will also tell you that every resident of the City and County should have serious doubts about the handling of all those cases in which they are less informed, ranging not only from low level criminal acts but to serious felonies. Imagine the Jussie Smollett farce.  After a Grand Jury returned 16 felony counts, suddenly, and without warning or explanation, her office inexplicably drops all charges. This after Foxx had hoodwinked the press and public by stating she had RECUSED herself from the case because of a massive blunder for interceding on behalf of a Smollett relative to try and tamper with the police investigation by asking the police superintendent to turn the case over to the Feds.

When this phony recusal was finally exposed her office said WELL! it wasn't an actual RECUSAL it was a play one, they named " IN THE COLLOQUIAL SENSE."  Man the trust keeps building up.  Last week the County Prosecutors office turned over hundreds of emails and phone records pertaining to that "affair da-stench."  Low and behold there is Kim Foxx Herself, the recused one, scolding her First Deputy saying for the world to hear that 16 counts was overkill and too many to fit the crime.

The people of Cook County need to ask themselves a question if she is still in office next year.  Is this who you want to represent justice in Cook County?   It's clear it's not just the thousands being murdered and shot in Chicago.  There are thousands of other victims that are being ignored in favor of criminals. The choice is simple. The future will tell us what the people demand.

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