New Zealand/ America/Gun Laws/ A World Dilemma/ Terrorists Who Kill

New Zealand/ America/Gun Laws/ A World Dilemma/ Terrorists Who Kill

Once again the Disciples of hate have forced themselves into the Breach. A country of such beauty and charm that it is said that when visitors leave the country, they leave as WHANAU ( family). So it is shocking to hear the news of a mass shooting and killing of at least 49 people and over twenty wounded during religious services. This was not America, the great melting pot of more than 350 million souls. This was a paradise Island of 4.8 million citizens.

It is a country that is 30% forest and it's people are lovingly called Kiwi's (but Kiwi is not a fruit, it's New Zealand's native flightless bird). A country that is  so  progressive that it was the first nation in the world to have 3 top positions of power held by women. It is also completely devoid of snakes. It's not nice to hang titles on human beings, but we now see positive proof that human snakes slither in every civilization on earth.  Innocence worshiping their God shot down and murdered by monsters who are devoid of human decency.




It's doubtful  that the anguish and rage will be directed at the availability of guns as happens so often in our country. New Zealand has a  population of 4.8 million people and about 250,000 citizens hold a firearms license, although 1 in 10 do not own firearms. Their fancy seems to be the automobile, with 3.4 million cars registered for 4.8 million people, (driving on the left side of the road must be fun).

They have no crime infested city's where thug gangs shoot and kill thousands on a yearly basis. They have no blubbering politicians and activists calling for gun laws and new laws to the point it takes on the sound of infield chatter. Gun laws in New Zealand focus mainly on vetting firearm OWNERS, rather then registering firearms or banning certain types of firearms .


It was always a popular chant in America by clueless politicians in the United States trying for airtime, after one of the Country's horrific mass shootings to blurt out "Look to Chicago they have the strictest gun laws in the country and yet they are killing and shooting  each other by the thousands." Completely false but hey, if your the Governor of California people listen. Chicago, for those who care about truth,, has no gun laws requiring registration, haven't had one since 2010, but Toni Preckwinkle who is running for mayor of the City, did manage a tax on bullets, ( man oh man did that stop the thugs) the only ones paying the tax were Law Enforcement personal. Another blubbering politician who is clueless.

Now I can say this, NEW ZEALAND HAS SOME OF THE WORLDS STRICTEST GUN LAWS. Under New Zealand law some lawful proper and sufficient purpose is needed to use, discharge, or carry any firearm, air gun, or similar weapon. The person carrying,  using or discharging the weapon is "OBLIGATED" to prove the purpose was lawful, proper, and sufficient. The requirement applies even if the person can legally possess the weapon. Exactly what constitutes a lawful, proper, and sufficient purpose is not defined in legislation and MUST BE PROVEN ON A CASE BY CASE BASIS. Hunting game, pest control, agricultural uses, sports collection, and theatrics, are all normally acceptable purposes, BUT PERSONAL PROTECTION AND SELF DEFENSE  IS NOT.

Indeed when visiting heads of State come to New Zealand even their personal protection teams are not allowed to carry guns. They are forced to work with the New Zealand National Police (thats pretty strict). So if we contrast that with the United States and our estimated 350 millions guns, where the overwhelming majority of gun ownership is  SELF DEFENSE, (decades back it was not the case) Americans would have virtually no access to gun ownership without personal vetting. The predators who pay zero attention to laws ,and most especially gun laws, would literally have an overwhelming number of soft targets. A catch 22 at it's greatest.


The above photo will become all to familiar unless America can come to grips with this epidemic. If this kind of massacre can take place in a Gun strict New Zealand imagine what America is up against. Gun registration has failed miserably, 100s of gun laws are almost comedic (think Preckwinkle's  tax on bullets) when it comes to enforcement, simply because criminals and terrorists do not pay the slightest  bit of attention to laws. Our supposed gun laws and the cries and shouts for even more gun laws have more red  flags then Arlington National on Veterans day.

It would seem to me and maybe millions of other Americans that one big solution to this whole mess that has divided our nation is to prosecute those who commit crimes armed with a gun. No probation, no ankle bracelets, no I bonds, and no small bonds for gun offenders. Stiff sentences for those who are convicted, they surely do not belong among decent law-abiding people.

Way to many gun offenders are simply walking free with little or no consequences for their actions.  When accountability and punishment does not exist even a halfwit knows you get more bad behavior, again, and again, and again. "Many people can no more be kept straight by spiritual motives than we can live without policeman. Politicians have to come to realize "what we allow will continue".Rest in peace to the victims in New Zealand.



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