A Different Response to Terrorism / Repudiating the War Rhetoric/ Denying the Terrorist

A Different Response to Terrorism / Repudiating the War Rhetoric/ Denying the Terrorist

In the wake of the terrorist attack in New Zealand at two Mosques that left over 50 dead and scores wounded the magniloquent response by the country's Prime Minister has turned some heads around the world. Her response wasn't so much what she said but what she didn't say. She resisted the war rhetoric, promising vengeance, and interpreting acts of terrorism as a declaration of war as so many other world leaders have done when faced with similar circumstances. She zeroed in on the attacker(s),  she never called them cowardly and asserted the country's own courage and promising to hunt them down. She avoided the word "them."  She refused to call the attacker(s)  by name, denying them one of the things they covet being recognition to advertise their hate, and gain publicity for their warped ideologies. Contrast that with the United States.  We immediately are saturated with volumes of the killer's life stories, complete with photos and interviews with those who may have even had a passing acquaintance.

This in no way means that that information is not important, but it is only important to the investigators and the investigation, not for the titillation of America's news beast that has an insatiable need to be fed 24 hours a day.  This point would surely be met with much debate in a country that prides itself on a free press.  Jacinda Arden is by no means a world leader -- New Zealand with it's 4.5 million people compares with the State of Kentucky, but she is a head of State and her example is turning heads.

She has decided to concentrate on the victims. It's what may be a precedent for future leaders in the face of senseless tragedy.   She has stated leaders should grieve with their people, think with their people, that they act together, with their people, none of those things requires an act of war.


Her simple approach of disregard for the killer, while recognizing the enormity of the loss, reminds us that SOME people, kill PEOPLE.  Indeed this simple expression above on a rural southern church reflects that evil is among us, no matter how civilized a majority of us are. "Ideology of any sort is secondary to the violent impulse of some who walk among us." She stated to her people that we all cannot know your grief, but we can walk with you at every stage. "A society and it's leaders can do only 2 things, grieve and work to reduce the opportunity to kill."

Her immediate response to reduce the opportunity to kill came with a promise to overhaul New Zealand's already restrictive gun laws.   She has called for and received several bans on automatic weapons with very few exceptions allowed.  She has asked for all citizens to turn in their weapons, quite surprisingly (at least to me) several dozen have already done so.  Steve Chapman in Chicago's Tribune wrote a brilliant piece on New Zealand's new gun laws being a prompt response to massacre, but also stating it's a NONSOLUTION.



Americana has about 8.5 million so called assault rifles in circulation. Twice the population of the entire country of New Zealand.  Most American's who are familiar with guns cringe when they hear the words, "assault rifles" and rightly so.  Rifles are rifles. When they are used for recreational shooting or hunting they are rifles.  When they are used to assault people the media refers to them as assault rifles.   Assault weapons do not exist, a trivial matter but it persists nonetheless, (there I said it so I can move on without suspicion).  Add to those 8.5 million rifles approximately 350 million guns are available in the U.S with about 10 million manufactured annually.  So it's clear Americans are exercising their right to bear those arms for sure.


A politician like Jacinda Arden does not exist in America, as far as announcing new gun laws, the second amendment insures that for sure.  Guns laws and more guns laws are constantly being rejected by American courts, the right of the people to bear arms is not going away anytime soon.  The monster problem is the fellow in the above photo.  How do we keep those weapons out of the hands of those who are evil, and prey on innocence? Our leaders can look to the example of the New Zealand Prime Minster, and drop the constant call for more laws, upon laws, that absolutely stops nobody from monstrous behavior, drop the fictitious benevolence.  The scene below is an ugly scene but it is a reality that we need to stop.


Keep in mind that wisemen talk because they have something to say, fools talk because they have to say something. "For those who grieve the loss of loved ones we know their grief never ends, but it changes, it's a passage not a place to stay, grief is not a sign of weakness or a lack of faith, it is simply the price of love."  Remember Jacinda Ardens words,  "LEADERS CAN DO ONLY TWO THINGS : GRIEVE AND WORK TO REDUCE THE OPPORTUNITY TO KILL.."   The usual placebos are growing old and tiresome and have failed miserably.   Our leaders owe those who have and will grieve in our future, to stop all the nonsense and come together. Far to many evil people are among us to ignore the problem and look for other things to blame.



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