The Culprits/ The Out of Touch/ Rappers/ Killers/ The Passing of Time.

The Culprits/ The  Out of Touch/ Rappers/ Killers/ The Passing of Time.

Last Wednesday Chicago reported yet again another murder on it's streets, not really a big deal it happens hundreds and hundreds of times. However as soon as the victim was identified those of us who followed the gangs over the years immediately recognized the significance. It certainly was not lost on of Chicago's great investigative Reporter  Frank Main of the Sun-Times. The victim was no small Potato to be sure. His name was Lawrence 'BIG LAW" Loggins  46 years of age. A powerful leading member of the Black Disciples street gang.

He wasn't as well known as say Larry "KING" Hoover, or Jeff "PRINCE MALIK" Fort, but it was by design. Big Law went to prison when he was just 17 for murder in 1989, he was  released in 2009. Yea! I know 20 years for murder, but it seems to be a fact of life these days. Well, from what little is known when you try and piece together what these Thugs do and what they think it seems that "BIG LAW" ordered a meeting with the younger members and read the riot act about something or other. Most likely he was trying to consolidate more  power for himself. Speculation is that was what the bullet to the head was about. Young ambitious minds sometimes don't cotton to falling in line. The Caveman Philosophy, rule of  the mighty does indeed make it right.

The Black Gangster Disciples go back to the 60s on Chicago's South Side. They were founded by David Barksdale and when he died (of natural causes) a miracle in itself, Shorty Freeman was crowned the "King"of the disciples, that string lives on today. One of the Gangster Disciples affiliates is called Lamron, spelled backwards it's  Normal which is a prominent street bordering Disciple turf. One of the prominent members of the Lamron faction is the 29 year old son of ( drum Beat) "BIG LAW" HIMSELF. As I write this Lawrence "LIL LAW" Loggins is imprisoned serving a 15 year sentence for Attempted Murder. One can clearly see that the beat does go on as they say. They also say Acorns don't fall to far from the tree.     img_2605

Yesterday after another exhausting Mayoral forum, I know for most Chicagoan's the mere mention of it sours ones stomach, a pretty telling question was put to 5 of the 14 Candidates for Chicago's Mayor. The question was "do you favor a long range solution to the shootings and killings or do you think Chicago needs immediate intervention? For the life of me some of them immediately started to babble about READY? THE POLICE AND REFORM. It was one of those "shiver me timbers" moments. Another stated that we need to  address racism and discrimination in the Chicago Police Department, and addressing how a lack of Community trust furthers a cycle of crime.  I could almost hear "BIG  LAW" LAUGHING DOWN THERE. I swear and you know what's  coming, YOU CANNOT MAKE SHIT LIKE THAT UP.


As I said the Gangster Disciples have been around since the 60s so whatever those long time solutions are, perhaps we should call them a century of solutions because in the meantime while waiting for those solutions to kick in 39,000 murders have taken place in Chicago since 1957 . The overwhelming majority of them by Thug Gangs. Anyone with a functioning brain can see clearly that the Cops have little to do with what those Thugs are up too. They are so prominent in those neighborhoods that Rappers are directing their music at them. "BIG LAW"was immediately eulogized in song by Rapper Lil Durk. Another prominent Rapper, Chief  Keefe frequently features the Lamron faction in his music, and has given large sums  of money to one of the candidates. A former Chicago Alderman later convicted of corruption was dating one of the Gangster Disciples prominent leaders.


The problem is systemic and the Police have absolutely noting to do with it. Just convenient scape goats for clueless ambitious power hungry idiots. A classic example of "where ignorance begins  knowledge ends." It's painful to sit and to listen to 14 Mayoral candidates gassing, and huffing, but sometimes it's wise to remember that "wisemen talk because they have something to say, fools talk because they have to say something. "        img_2606

I'm not going to bat an eye if one of these people gets elected. Most are from the corrupt broken down system they have been a part of. They cannot lie and distract fast enough. Think about 4 of them all trying to get out from under the Edward Burke collar since his arrest for attempted extortion a few weeks back. One says she doesn't know him that well, but would you believe she had her wedding in his home. Another says she hardly knew him, yet she gave his son a $100,000 a year  job with the County she is President of, and immediately after, Burke holds a Campaign Fundraiser for her in his house in which she was handed $121,000. Boy I wish I knew strangers like that. She since has returned the money after realizing this was all going to become known.

Another says he didn't know Burke all that well either but worked on his staff for years. The fifth candidate said a mouth full of  things but by that time snoring was heard across the city. Chicago is finally going to have a chance to have that enough is enough moment it desperately needs. What's it going to be, a clear non corruptible  head to go on those big shoulders or the same crap for another 60 years. Lord Acton is most known for the saying above that pertains to power corrupting and corruption, but he also said something else that those of us who love Chicago should think serious about. "IF THE PAST HAS BEEN AN OBSTACLE AND A BURDEN, KNOWLEDGE OF THE PAST IS THE SAFEST WAY TO EMANCIPATION.

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