Does Chicago's City Council Need Reform/ Duh!

Does Chicago's City Council Need Reform/ Duh!

Ever since Alderman Burke was arrested by the Feds for attempted extortion, the key word in Chicago politics is REFORM. It's kind of ironic because it no longer pertains to Chicago's Police Department. Before Burke's arrest the bellowing and babbling and chest thumping by our City's politicians calling for police reform was almost nonstop for at least two years. However a recent event has the plot thickening.  Today it was revealed that a fellow Alderman, Danny Solis, had been wearing a wire while helping the Feds in their ongoing investigation of Alderman Burke, the powerful City Council Finance Committee Chairman.  Burke,  who somehow has managed to amass millions of dollars in personal wealth,  seems to be in a great deal of Federal doo doo.  (John Kass calls it FED-ITIS).

The reaction from fellow colleagues on the City Council was fast and furious.  I'm not a rat shouted one.   Another,  Alderman Roderick Sawyer the Chairman of the City Council's Black Caucus, is on record stating,  "Getting wired up to snare colleagues is not the way he was brought up."  (nobody evidently knew that being brought up). He then closed his mouth just long enough to insert his other foot and said,  "If I was caught doing something wrong I'd just take my punishment, deal with the consequences AND KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT."  In my opinion that smells an awful lot like a Code of Silence. You know the one you've been yelping about the police having with no evidence.

For those of you who might have been on a Space Station in the last couple of weeks, three Chicago cops were charged criminally for trying to cover up wrong doing by a fellow cop. They all were found NOT GUILTY by a judge who heard all the evidence in a two week trial. The Judge just didn't rule not guilty she eviscerated the prosecution for even bringing the charges. All the politicians including the City Council and the 14 Mayoral candidates yelped, bellowed and got in front of any camera or print reporter to register there disgust at the verdict. Think about the courtroom, think evidence, think about testimony under oath before an experienced Jurist.  However,  those who were not there, news media pundits, politicians and Mayoral candidates all knew better because after all there is a Code of Silence. Somebody told them there was.         img_2513

So for now at least the calls for reforms have shifted to a good look in the mirror by the City's politicians. It's going to be impossible going forward to deflect blame and use distractions like blaming the police for all the sustained violence the city is enduring. The Code of Silence is all around them, make no mistake.   Alderman Roderick Sawyer's comments to the press are not outliers.  What they are now is personal. What they have been accusing the City's cops of is now a stench on them. Look no further then the communities some of them represent, a community that allows killers to kill their loved ones, friends, and neighbors but remains silent, paralyzed by fear of reprisal but refusing to share blame.    img_2502

Even though death is all around some of those communities, people are still petrified to speak out, its not because of trust of the Police it's because they don't want to die. It's much easier to go with the theme of blaming the Police and most City Aldermen fell in line. One almost never hears of a war on gangs.   When was the last time city politicians marched in those killing fields and called out the Gangs?  I will hang up and wait for an answer.          img_2462-2

Chicago's citizens need leadership.  Leaders are not those ignoring the peoples needs and enriching themselves, their friends and their relatives.  "The horns in the mind are far worse than the horns on the head."  The reformers without question are the ones in dire need of reform.  Maybe Alderman Burke's arrest and Alderman Danny Solis's wire act will clear out the clowns.  It's a long time in coming.  SORRY PADDY BAULER - CHICAGO IS FINALLY READY FOR REFORM. Loyalty is indeed a expensive gift.  Don't expect it from cheap people.




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