Diogenes/ Cynicism/ The Search for an honest Man/Woman in Politics

Diogenes/ Cynicism/ The Search for an honest Man/Woman in Politics

Some 2300 years ago the Greek Philosopher and one of the founders of the Cynic Philosophy took to wandering the streets of Athens looking for an honest man. I say man because it was just the way it was then. Women possessed very little power or authority, but of course in today's world thankfully women have broken through. History has never revealed the results of his efforts nor does it tell us how long he pursued his search. My guess is back then and even in today's world he could have wandered forever and failed.  Sound Cynical, indeed this is my reasoning. We have over 18 people trying to become the next mayor of Chicago. Every single one purports to possess the magic beans to solve every problem that confronts a beleaguered city swamped with financial peril and overrun with crime and an educational system that is seen by some as less than abysmal.  Of course there is lots more but it might come off as Cynical which probably would have thrilled Diogenes.

Each candidate so far has tried to seize the moral high ground to sprinkle guilt around so that in the end they are hoping that they come off as saviors by promising a multitude of fixes.  Crime will go away, the schools will magically become bastions of learning, billions of dollars in debt will be wiped away, just by casting your vote for so and so.  By appealing to the guilt of those who perceive they have been wronged by a system who ignored their wants and needs is either the dummest strategy or a purposely laid out plan to divide us even further. The appeal to guilt is based entirely on the negative.  One only has to look at the crusade of Dr Martin Luther King, Jr.  whose crusade to eradicate the brutal vile segregation laws did not focus on our guilt but our conscience that allows for an awakening to call attention to a persons ethical feelings. His non-violent movement was not aimed at violence alone but it also involved people coming together -- not heading off in different  tribal directions.         img_2453

When Dr. Maya Angelou said,  "When People Show You Who They are, Believe Them The First Time." What Chicago desperately needs is not someone who is trying to divide us with guilt of past sins to further drive us apart to gain power and votes, in my opinion the only solution is Dr King's way to look for courage, kindness, generosity, and natural refinement.   We are not going to find that person wandering the streets with a lantern but we might be successful if we listened to the words of those who are trying to get our attention.   Are we just going to repeat the old politics of the past and elect another person whose sole purpose is "Getting On, Getting Ahead, and Above all Getting Theirs"  as Mike Royko summed it up many years ago?  Way too many politicians are too interested in "WHERE'S MINE."

Chicago has to break away from divisions and listen and hear who is trying to divide us. Driving us into warring tribes to try and make others look guilty is a stench we have to overcome. It's not naive to say "we are all in this together."   Will you be listening?  Your future leaders are telling you who they are.  Dr Angelou says believe them they are revealing themselves.

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