Abandon Ship/Loyalty/The Awakening/ Chicago And It's history of Reform

Mathias Paddy Bauler was a Chicago Aldermen from  the 43rd ward from 1933-1943 and then again from 1947 until 1967. He was a Saloon keeper and was known as a corrupt, controversial, charismatic Chicago Political boss. He's mostly remembered throughout Chicago's history for his famous Quote in the 50s of "CHICAGO AIN'T READY FOR REFORM YET."  Indeed one cannot get by a day in the last two weeks in Chicago without hearing about that word REFORM that is not attached to the Police Department.

From almost day one after Alderman Edward Burke was indicted by the  Feds every single candidate including the Mayor have been babbling about reform. The Tribune editorial yesterday even went as far as saying that Rahm Emanuel FINALLY  found his SPINE. I was always curious as to why a supposed sudden act of political courage was named after a body part, like guts, balls, and in this case SPINE. Every single one of the aspiring Mayoral  candidates, the Mayor, and the City Council included, have been SCREECHING  almost non stop about some form of reform or another.

For over 50 years as Alderman, hardly a description of him did not start out with the word Powerful. One Editorial now has described him as TIN POT Dictator. Indeed Alderman Burke is getting a PHD in Loyalty. So many politicians and Mayoral candidates have begun the process of abandoning their incestuous dealings with Burke. One leading Candidate for Mayor Toni Preckwinkle even returned over $121,000 in campaign money  that Burke garnered for her by holding a fundraiser in his  home for her last year. Some folks have equated it with Rats abandoning a sinking ship. Rats, it has been said, are the first to sense an impending disaster. The test of decency and character are on full display. There is a saying that "Loyalty is a fine quality, but in the end it fills political graveyards." Most of Alderman Burkes so called friends no doubt have realized that.  Ed Burke who?      img_2476

The test of loyalty in politics is one thing ,the protection of the code of silence, yes that code of silence that most of the ship jumpers have been accusing the City  Cops of  for decades have been on full display. How does a man make millions and millions of dollars with a part time position as Alderman and scores of others who were his elected and bureaucratic enablers not know how this came about? While they have been bellowing about the Police code of silence their own stench is being questioned and they have no answers.

Toni Preckwinkle (here she is again) a few weeks ago said if elected Mayor of Chicago she would fire Superintendent Johnson because he knew of no code of silence on his Department. Really Toni? We would sure like to know what you have been silent about. The flashlight has turned,  no more Illusion, delusion, or collusion. What DID you know and keep silent about. Maybe we will finally find out. The Government investigators are very thorough.

When the Editorial said Mayor Emanuel and the so called reformers finally found their SPINES it doesn't mean in my opinion they are still not spineless, lack  courage, guts, or balls it just means they are doing what they do best and that is to give speeches, pontificate, and tell folks what they want to hear.Emanuel is leaving office, the others are trying to get elected and others  trying to sound like they have us, the people who they represent in mind.

Voltaire as far back as 1764 once said "THE ART OF GOVERNMENT CONSISTS OF TAKING AS MUCH MONEY AS POSSIBLE FROM ONE PARTY OF THE CITIZENS TO GIVE IT TO OTHERS" This thought was modernized about 100 years later by Alexis de Tocqueville, specifically with the American Republic in mind.  Some  of Chicago's politicians have changed that a bit by adding  themselves, their friends, and special interest's "Bribe the people with the peoples money" and of course a little something for ourselves along the way.

So as we are almost struck delirious with calls for  reform in Chicago, we can only wait and see. Back in 1975 then Sun-Times reporter, Bob Green (Yea Him) asked former Alderman Patty Bauler if indeed Chicago  was finally ready for reform. His response was for the ages. ''CHICAGO! BAULER BELLOWED, CHRIST ! WHO THE HELL  WOULD WANT TO LIVE HERE IF IT WAS. THIS IS A BIG CITY BOY, THIS AIN'T HONOLULU, REFORM IT'LL NEVER BE READY. NOT AS LONG AS I'M ALIVE." Old Paddy was right, he passed away in 1977. Kind of an ironic twist. American history would have been altered if Barack Obama would have stayed in Hawaii and not moved to Chicago. Bauler is dead and Bob Green has gone off somewhere, but folks in Chicago are again asking that question.'IS CHICAGO FINALLY READY FOR REFORM OR IS THIS ANOTHER POLITICAL DISTRACTION?



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