When Insanity Gets Elected/ Common Sense Flees the Scene/

When Insanity Gets Elected/ Common Sense Flees the Scene/

I'm drifting off course a bit here but it kinda fits into what's happening in Chicago. This January when Suffolk County  District Attorney elect Rachel Robbins takes office, all of Boston and Suffolk County will be either petrified, or are just too shocked to react. So far naturally only the Boston area police departments are vocally reacting, and here's why. Ms Robbins has posted a list of 15 crimes that her office will not prosecute. Lots of people including me are questioning her sanity. This is where a democracy gets confusing. Kinda like the 6 wolves and 2 sheep in a vote on who's for dinner.

Included on the list with rare exceptions are offenses of shoplifting (a $42.5 billon dollar crime problem to retailers in America), the crimes of trespass, larceny under $250.00, as well as disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct, and of course minor traffic offenses. Now it gets really interesting -- breaking and entering will not be prosecuted as long as the perpetrator makes sure the property is vacant of people (Avon Calling). People  breaking into occupied homes because they are cold or tired, but don't damage anything will also be clear.  Any person not effected by a mental disorder knows that criminals are not as dumb as some politicians. Just imagine how many intruders and burglars will become cold and fatigued when caught redhanded.

The list continues. Offenders will no longer have to fear going to court for receiving stolen goods, underage drinking, and offenders will not be held accountable for wanton and malicious destruction of property.  I'm dizzy writing this let alone thinking what kind of mind came to these conclusions.  Now in my opinion we get to the really seriously insane. Drug possession will no longer be prosecuted even in cases where the suspect is a DRUG DEALER (hello DEA).  Can you just imagine if the late Pablo Escobar and El Chapo knew this was going to happen? they would have moved to Boston and joined Whitey Bulger, all with big "Get Out of Jail Cards" being replaced by "Never Go to Jail Cards." Come January criminals will no longer be held accountable for those offenses.

I know Suffolk County is a long way from Chicago, but Cook County has adopted many of those same rules, only our politicians were not dumb enough to make a list.  However, rest assured there is very little accountability for criminal behavior and the Chicago violence, mayhem, and the rocketing  crime rates are reflecting just that.  On a weekend in Chicago when 75 people were shot and the city saw 5 mass shootings involving 25 victims, a frustrated Mayor Emanuel who most times avoids the truth like a matador evading a bull, stated that there was a lack of values in the communities suffering the violence of out of control gang thugs.  Hey! people who murder each other and innocents who get in the way, without question can be identified as lacking values, just sayin . That statement drew immediate huffing and puffing from some members of the community.  Mayor Emanuel does not have a racist bone in his body yet they shot those race cards at him so fast it would make an Ar-15 blush.

Just a few days ago a guy named Kurt Summers who was appointed by Mayor Emanuel to fill the term of  City Treasurer because of a retirement went on to win the election and ran unopposed.  Monday Summers himself decided to retire but not before he blistered Emanuel (How Ungrateful You say) in a Tweet saying that it wasn't a lack of values by communities who refuse to identify those thugs that are slaughtering their own, it was Jim Crow, mass incarceration, closing 50 public  schools and of course covering up the shooting death of Laquan McDonald.       img_0926

Yes of course some of those things could be factors no question, but the number one factor in my opinion is a mirror. The usual suspects are just not making it. Excuses for murder and mayhem are far to easy, especially for someone who was in office for 4 years and kept silent, not a peep from Mr Summers until he was safe. Critics were once described as being like Eunuchs in a harem, they know how it's done, they've seen it done everyday, but they are unable to do it themselves.  It's much easier to blame racism, cops, and the litany of Tweets Summers threw at the mayor.  The bottom line is, if we don't start to blame the individual criminal and hold individuals accountable for criminal behavior we are risking our humanity. Jails are not nice places, the people who prey on us are not nice people. We should  all be more than willing to see that they meet up.

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