Cops In America/ A Shrinking Profession/Lots Of Answers/ Is It Obvious

Cops In America/ A Shrinking Profession/Lots Of Answers/ Is It  Obvious

Recently Charles Wexler who is the head of the  Police Executive Research Forum think tank in Washington D.C., asked a room full of Police Chiefs from across the country to raise their hand if they wanted their children to follow them in a Law enforcement career. Yea! not one hand went up. Weather you are an active duty Cop or a retired Cop this topic has been discussed at length, especially in the last four years or so. To the majority of us the reasons are quite obvious and need to be addressed.

No surprise here, move along. Even the lure of an $80,000 dollar salary is not convincing people to be tossed into the ring to handle society's failed politics and programs, to have a camera attached to your body to record ever single decision that sometimes has to be made in a split second so that every news outlet and every person in America  can decide if it was the right one. I guess risking your life for total strangers and dealing with the mayhem  and listening to the cries of the victims and their loved ones is not such an appealing recruitment pitch.Being passed over for promotions by dopes and political hacks who are politically connected and become decision makers that effect your performance. All troubling and becoming more and more apparent.

To have political decisions made by clueless politicians who will say and do anything for votes and power, and  interfering with Justice and Integrity is frustrating at best. In Chicago especially, this is on display almost every single day. There are hundreds more of probable reasons why this generation is rebuking the "We serve and Protect profession." My guess is they are more astute to what's  happening around them.   img_1991-3

Present day Police Officers and those who retired had to adjust to the "War on Cops" attitude, and are now dealing with the ENTITLEMENT of not holding criminal behavior accountable. Soon we may even follow the path of Portland Oregon of hiring security guards to do policing without firearms, or Suffolk County  Massachusetts where resisting arrest will no longer be prosecuted, along with a long list of other criminal behavior. I guess a good scolding will be the order of the day. You cannot make crap like this up, but it's happening all around us. Cook County's jails are at their lowest capacity and thousands are running the streets wearing ankle monitors and going virtually accountability free. Rewarding bad behavior just creates bad behavior, but somehow that's the path we are on.

Even the FBI fell victim to recruitment. They went from 21,000 applicants per year to 13,000 before a new marketing campaign brought an upswing. The FBI has a great advantage over local cops. They are not dealing with everyday mayhem and split second decisions in Gang infested Cities where thugs rule the land. There is no question that this generation is aware of a cops life. More informative perhaps then any other generation ,they know for instance, the BIGGEST COP KILLER in America is suicide. Over 140 cop suicides last year. In Chicago alone this year we have had  had 5 officers taken by suicide in 7 months time, add to that, in 2017 over 128 Cops in America were killed in the line of duty. This year up to and including this week that figure stands at 132 killed in the line of duty deaths.

A grim litany of alarms for anybody contemplating a career with those warnings to think about. I'm convinced something is radically wrong and in  my opinion the biggest culprit is politics and politicians sticking there nose into a profession they have no clue about. Politicians who will do or say anything for power and votes need to be washed out of a system that they have abused for decades, most especially in Chicago. Here we were witness to a Mayor to timid to run for a 3rd term because of blundering and putting his political career before Integrity and Justice. " Power permits the powerful to skate responsibility." Indeed he almost pulled it off.

The news media exposed him not the system. I believe the Law Enforcement Profession can be fixed but only by strong leadership that can fend off fools who are only interested in their own self interest's and those of their minions. Remember that old Greek, Aristotle "The law is reason, free from passion." Politics is not passion it's self- serving. Like the Marine  Corps add says " Chicago needs a few more good men and women, join the fight and be the difference.


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