Two Visitors/Who Do You Believe/Them Or Your Eyes

Two Visitors/Who Do You Believe/Them Or Your Eyes

Friday two visitors came to Chicago and both had extensive idea's on  how to stop the  epidemic of violence that has plagued Chicago in recent years. Former President Bill Clinton ,a  speaker at the University of Chicago, and the Attorney General of the United States Jeff Sessions, who came to address the Chicago Crime Commission. You could not have picked two people with opposing views unless Mother Theresa and Attila the Hun were still alive and asked to speak. Clinton batted lead off and gassed on about how disturbed he was by our new separatist times when there seems to be an assumption that in order to win someone has to lose. You know! like Clinton was elected President of the United States but somehow George H.W. Bush did not lose. That kinda smells like everybody gets a trophy, and in 2005 and 2016 when the White Sox and Cubs were world series Champions, somehow the Astros and Indians were not losers. I'm not sure what type of speak that is, but it sounds like "Goof"speak. Clintons way of appeasing as many people as he can.

Of course given his extensive knowledge on crime fighting and the state of Chicago's neighborhoods Clinton went on to say well Yea! Chicago does get high publicity for a high crime rate and a high murder rate BUT, he states, it's all confined to 10% of Chicago's wards. If I were to list the shootings, killings, and Carjackings and their locations it would show that 99% of Chicago's Wards HAVE been effected by the violence. That it's confined to a very few neighborhoods is one big pile of "DO DO." Sorry Mr Clinton while you were Presidenting,  I was working those streets and covering the City's struggle with it's crime problems. Clinton goes on to say that Chicago cannot police it's way out of the problem, the people have to do this. This theme has been around as long as I can remember. Sixty years of bla bla bla. One excuse after another, failed social programs, failed schools, poverty, unemployment, failed parenting, babies having babies, segregation, you name it, It's always something else.

A Community is not responsible for the behavior of it's members, the Police are not responsible for the behavior of the Community, they are just left to deal with the failures. Members of those Communities are shooting and killing thousands of it's members, a community that allows that to happen cannot avoid some semblance of responsibility.  The Police are there to serve and protect and arrest monsters who shoot and kill at will, even a two year old was not spared. As I write this, just last night 8 more wounded and two murdered. The numbers are horrific, in 7.5 years they outnumber the American casualties in Afghanistan that has been raging for over 16 years. Way to much talk and excuses, killers and shooters need to be held accountable, if not the Police, then who is going bring some relief.


Mr Clinton then brought an 18 year old shooting victim  up to the stage to talk. Clinton asked him how he relates to the police and he states that the police can't protect anyone if they don't understand the community they are serving, very often he went on to say we do not criticize the officers, this is a beloved community, we can work together.  I will say this, one thing the police do understand about the  communities they serve is they contain killer thugs who are responsible for terrorizing entire communities to the point that folks, at times, are afraid to leave the safety of their homes. Chicago, to the astonishment of those who do not live in the City, spends over 10 to 15 million yearly on a safety program called "Safe Passage" just to get children safely to school and back with out beings victims of violence.

Now we move to another part of town, a completely different forum. The Attorney General of the United States, Jeff Sessions, addressing the Chicago Crime Commission and other Chicago Civic leaders. In his address he immediately  attacked the proposed Consent Decree that would supposedly reform the Chicago Police Department. He called the Decree an insult saying that the police are not the problem. Words that have been basically silent in a City whose leadership desperately needs to blame others for the continued onslaught of violence that they seem to have no solution for.

The Cops are very convenient targets especially when they (the politicians) are fortified with a few controversial Cop involved shooting incidents in which they can gas and howl about, thus distracting from the bodies shot  down on their streets.

Sessions went on to also condemn the City of Chicago's agreement with ACLU which makes street stops so restrictive they have plummeted by 82% since the very day it was signed. Being a Cop who worked the city's streets I can tell you that street stops are the crucial number one weapon against gang activity. If you don't stop them you don't find illegal guns and fugitives. The common sense of that in my opinion has somehow been lost. The Chicago Police Department went from a 2-3 minute stop report to a 40 to 45 minute document just to stop a group emerging  from an alley at 2 am in  highly gang infested territory. Cops and their instincts, and street knowledge simply cannot be harnessed by ACLU lawyers who probably are hundreds of miles from those killing zones. Sessions summed up what most of us in Law Enforcement endorse, if you let ACLU set policy, crime will go up. The proof in my opinion is clear in Chicago, not only did it go up, there seems to be no letup.

Attorney General Sessions further echoed what most Law enforcement Officers in the Country believe, the agreement with the ACLU was a COLOSSAL mistake that reduced public safety and placed Minorities in particular, at risk. In a great many of Chicago's neighborhoods the minority populations  are sometimes 95-98% minorities, to suggest, and the ACLU did, that the Cops working those neighborhoods are profiling is mind boggling to me.

If you are patrolling the streets in those communities and you are suppressing crime and gang activity, the stops that are made, you  are not profiling, it's the simple law of probability. Have we reached the point that common sense is being shunned? Today Attorney General Sessions is gone and so is Former President Clinton, soon to be gone is Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Lisa Madigan the Illinois Attorney General who was a major player in pushing the Consent Forward.  Lisa Madigan while Illinois's Attorney General for over 15 years never once prosecuted a politician for corruption. That's tantamount to going to 22nd and Wentworth and not finding a Chinese person. The Chicago Police Department  will always be here, the gangs are not going away anytime soon. They are a power and no power concedes that power without a demand. Whats it going to be Chicago, 60 more years of excuses and words, or a shout of enough is  enough, people are suffering and dying, it's your City. All the do gooders will have left town, where is the ACLU?  The Police are not the problem, just convenient scape goats for confused leadership and their followers.


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