Trust/ Or Fear Of Retaliation/Cops And The Community

Trust/ Or Fear Of Retaliation/Cops And The Community

A recent Tribune editorial contained these words, "BECAUSE OF THE BROKEN TRUST people whose neighborhoods are OVERRUN with violence don't call the police when they witness a crime or when they are victims. They don't count on the police to protect them from RETALIATION.  They worry that the police won't treat suspects fairly (imagine that worry if you were the parents of the recently murdered two-year-old). They worry about being abused themselves."   There is without question lots of very intelligent,  dedicated people behind that editorial, some I have the utmost respect for.  However, is it possible that they are wrong with this constant drum beat of trust for the obvious lack of cooperation with the police, despite thousands being shot and murdered, and entire neighborhoods living in fear of gang thugs who are responsible for the  overwhelming incidents of violence and intimidation?   Chicago is a city that is averaging over 8 people shot on a daily basis.  Gang warfare is out of control with victims as young as a 2-year-old murdered.   No age bracket has been spared.

If one moves from behind the desk and keyboard it would not take a genius to know that in those crime ridden neighborhoods cooperation and being a witness is called being a SNITCH.  As they all well know, snitches not only get stitches, they get found dead in ditches. Those folks in those crime infested neighborhoods have absolutely nothing to gain by cooperating with the police, but on the other hand they and their loved ones have plenty to fear. Thugs that will shoot down 2 and 3-year-olds will certainly not hesitate to exact horrible revenge on those who seek justice.

That word RETALIATION is not only responsible for the constant gang warfare and the bodies of victims down, it also extends to those who are regarded as snitches. They live among the violence. They have to survive. Talk of courage all you want, but after 33 years on Chicago's streets one thing is for damn sure, human survival prevails over courage.

Why this consistent drum beat that it's somehow the fault of the police just escapes me. Bobby Kennedy once said "Every society gets the kind of criminal it deserves. What is equally true is that every community gets the kind of law enforcement it insists on."  As long as a community remains silent while those among them are killing and shooting them in epidemic proportions and not doing anything about it, certainly without question has to at least share some of the blame. When is that going to happen?

No mayor, no alderman, or any politician for that matter is going to call out a community and place some blame for being silent. To do so would be political suicide -- people will retaliate for being called out.  In my opinion it's much easier to keep blaming it on the usual suspects, the COPS.  Convenient distractions, the preverbal elephant in the room, the search to blame anyone but the voters and the actual killers themselves the Gang Thugs.

Last week a white cop was convicted of second degree murder in the shooting death of a black teenager.  He was one cop and yet the constant drum beat of reform, reform, reform has painted the thousands of other Chicago cops with the same brush.  One juror after the trial said something so significant I'm surprised more hasn't been said about it. She stated the officer should have remained in his police vehicle, or perhaps even flee. Think about that for a second.   You call the police for help,  they arrive and instead of taking any kind of action they do nothing.  Ask yourself is that the kind of police department Chicago wants?   Cops do not have the luxury to flee or do nothing.   They have a sworn duty to serve and protect.  Granted it does not always go smoothly and sometimes bad things happen but 98% of the time it's done right.  That other 2% is never, ever, going to go away.

Cops are human and humans are subject to myriads of different behaviors when under stress. Look what's out on those streets.  A recent survey revealed that in over 300 interviews with Chicago's young 18 to 26 year olds  over 1/3 were packing guns.  Imagine if they interviewed teens between the ages of 13 and 17. The fact is the gang leaders know if the shorties do the shooting the less likely there will be accountability.  What's done cannot be undone. What has to take place is the truth must prevail and cover-ups or the perception of them have to cease to exist. So far in 2018 in over 3,700 shooting incidents police involved shooting are .oo58%.  I haven't seen that yet in any editorial or even in the press. Indeed in the last 8 years police involved shootings are at 1% or less.

According to a Harvard study and followed up by Jason Riely,  a 46-year-old black man who is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, writes in the Wall Street Journal they find there is no national database on police shootings.  Some departments report more detailed data than others -- but the statistics that were available to them suggest that police today use deadly force significantly less often than in the past.  National trends including Chicago, have been similarly dramatic and according  to figures from the Federal Center for Disease Control and Prevention the rate at which police kill blacks has fallen by 70% since the late 60's.  In conclusion they found that,  "AN INCREASE IN PRESS COVERAGE OF POLICE SHOOTINGS ISN'T THE SAME THING AS AN INCREASE IN POLICE SHOOTINGS."   Who cannot say some false hysteria has sweep our nation and is still among us today?   Who are we to believe --  Harvard and the Manhattan Institute or local gas bags marching in the streets and those that believe them?

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