Serial Killers/ Chicago/The reality

Serial Killers/ Chicago/The reality

Chicago in the past week, and most especially in the Rogers Park area on the north side have been in the grips of being terrorized by a killer that seemingly has no other reason but to kill. Two victims shot in the head at close range, just blocks apart. No doubt a hitter with an agenda other than robbery or personal attachment. In both incidents the ATF, through ballistics test's, leave no doubt the same gun was used in both killings. The Rogers park Community are caught between outrage and outright fear. The Chicago Police Department has responded by flooding the area with extra patrols and undercover units .Leave no doubt it was the right thing to do. However in my opinion and it is just that, this killer will either move to another location or wait until things die down.

The definition of a serial killer is typically a person who murders three or more people in two or more separate events  over a period of time, for primarily Psychological reasons. There are gaps of time between the killings which may range between a few days to months, to years. The Rogers park killer has not risen to the serial status as yet with his two kills but I'm convinced he will not quit until apprehended.

A new report from the "New Yorker"estimates that over 2,000 serial killers are currently at large in the United States. According to archivist and researcher Thomas Hargrove, tracking the habits and status of serial killers comes down to data analysis which he has been carrying out independently for some years. Mr Hargrove is a part of the Murder Accountability Project (MAP) a non profit that aggregates data on homicides and feeds it into an algorithm which is referred to as a "Killer Detector."

Radford University through another research project by the "New Yorker" built a data base on 3,019 American serial killers and revealed that males are 10 times more likely to become serial killers than females, and their average IQ is 94.5 as opposed to the average American citizens of  98. Now whatever can be made out of that is baffling to me but it's part of the study. There are 4 main types of serial killers based on the type of crime they commit. They are as follows, thrill seekers-Mission oriented -visionary killers- and power/control seekers. I'm not sure just where the Rogers Park hitter fits, but my guess is, and I'm convinced it's a good guess ,it's a hate crime. My deduction comes from the fact that there was no personal contact and in both cases's robbery was ruled out. The sole motive was to kill.

In all the studies of serial killers there is one glaring omission in my opinion. Most people know by now the horrendous epidemic of violence that Chicago has endured. In the last 7.5 years, Chicago has endured over 3,900 homicides and well over 20,000 people shot. Starling numbers that surpass the 16 year war in Afghanistan. Most of the violence of course is gang related. The gangs and their affiliates just continue to slaughter each other and hundreds of innocence who happen to be in the way. I'm wondering if Radford University's data base of 3,019 serial killers took the gangs of Chicago into account.

Here is why I ask. The Chicago Police Department had a 17% clearance in 2017  for murders and shootings, the lowest in the City's history. It could be more woeful than that, but 17% is what they admitted to. It doesn't take a math genius to figure out that 83% of the violent offenders are never even arrested let alone prosecuted. There are 55 to 60 main gangs in Chicago and over 2,000 affiliates according to the Chicago Crime Commission. Working Chicago's streets for 33 years one thing I knew for sure was the gangs have their main hitters and shooters. If somebody does something right they keep them doing it. So my question is how many gang thugs have killed more than 3 times? Remember 3 is in serial  category. Are they being overlooked? My guess is they are. Probably a shocking number, giving the number of victims.

Just yesterday the Urban Institute with funding by the Joyce Foundation released the results of a survey from several Chicago neighborhoods. The survey involved  345 people ranging in age from 18-26 . The results were startling to some, but not to most cops working the city. Of the 345 people surveyed over 1/3 said they carried a gun. Most said for protection. A vicious cycle that seems to never end. Is it any wonder Chicago's epidemic of violence is an on going nightmare? My opinion given the number of shooters from 14 to 17 those numbers would be even more startling. Remember the 13 year old at a basketball game some weeks back. A 15 year old shot dead and a 13 year old arrested with a gun. Gang elders know that the shorties are not prosecuted the same way an adult is. Master exploiters know the ropes so to speak. Dodge City was Disney World compared to what Chicago is enduring.



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