It's 12:30 on a Monday afternoon in Chicago, just another ordinary day. Hold on! After a church service in the middle of the afternoon Chicago had yet again  another mass shooting incident. Mass shootings are described as a shooting incident where 3 or more people are victims of gunfire in one location. For those who keep track of such things, and I do, Chicago has endured at least 10 mass shootings so far this year. One weekend alone produced 5 mass shootings where over 25 people were murdered or wounded.  Gang thugs loose on a City that has seemingly lost it's way.

Before the gunfire erupted one of the news items of the day was a Federal Bureaucratic from the Obama administration was gassing at how bad the people of Chicago wanted the Federal Consent Decree to reign down on Chicago's police. The Department of Justice investigation of Chicago's police Department somehow has been taken as the gospel truth "So help me God." One of the big contentions was the Cops in Chicago were under trained. After reading this I was wondering if the investigators were aware that Chicago's Cops are trained by the State of  Illinois's  standards and certification.

It's possible they did not know that, but if they did they would have quickly realized that if the Cops in Chicago were undertrained then every Cop in the State is undertrained. Another of their so called findings is that the Supervision of the Department is underwhelming. Nothing of a specific nature just that the supervisors need some kind of advanced training. Another of their findings was that when Cops are in pursuit of individuals bad things happen. Here again an individual who resists arrest or is avoiding arrest is 99% of the time a combatant. They stopped short of saying oh well! let them go and we avoid the basic tenants of Police work, uphold the law and arrest law breakers.  If Cops do not pursue fleeing individuals imagine what type of precedent that would set.

I'm not the one who is going to have a say in the matter, but there is a damn good reason why the Attorney General of the United States came to Chicago to  say that, the Consent decree is a colossal mistake and would handcuff the Cops even more in a City that desperately needs their Police to protect them.Those who read me know what the numbers are, "they are big and they are spectacular."  A very large part of Chicago's  citizens are living in fear of constant violence.

Today Chicago got another pretty good snapshot of just how embolden the gang thugs are. Middle of the day, in front of a place of worship, no matter, gang business and retaliation trumps human lives. Somehow Chicagos's leaders, both politicians and some so called community activists have managed to convince folks that it's the fault of the police. Gaining trust of the Community, constantly beating the drum. Hey it's been working, it's a big distraction from failed programs and failed politics. All their failures are what the Cops are  left to deal with on a daily basis.

Sooner or later someone has to see whats happening,Cops by no stretch are perfect but 98% of the time they get it right. Check the video if there is doubt. Those streets are dangerous and sometimes bad things happen. A perfect cop just as a perfect human has never walked the earth. The  VanDyke /McDonald story has vanished from the front pages for now, Jon Burge is dead. The past cannot be redone.

Those Gangs have to be called out and dealt with, they are destroying a City right before your eyes. Any Community who wants their Police Officers to blench in the face of resistance is surely to get what they deserve. We don't need more talk of reform and excuses and distractions, we don't need more programs and services ,we need more immediate consequences.Chicago has a serious epidemic of crime and  handcuffing the Police is playing with fire and peoples lives. The real enemy are thugs who would murder a 2 year old and stage a slaughter outside a church. Who in their right mind does not see that.

By being passive we allow the problems to expand and expand they are. The killer of the 2 year old was carrying and using a 9mm semi automatic, equipped with a laser. In order to have stopped him under this current policy set by the ACLU, and agreed upon by City leaders, street cops would have to fill out a 40 minute report and document why, what and where, thus eliminating that sense that all street cops possess.Those instincts cannot be dictated by lawyers and bureaucrats. It's a fools game to think those thugs and their affiliates don't know whats up. Street stops are down 82% and the killers and criminals are taking a firmer hold every single day.

Chicago's leaders have to quit the Carnival acts. There is life after the news-media leaves the press conferences, and it's not pretty. Barnum and Bailey and the Ringling Brothers circuses are long gone, but Clownery lives on. Expressway marches miles away from the killing fields are just that, clown acts, that and Politicians afraid to call out the communities that allows thugs to kill them off  without any accountability for fear of losing votes is cowardice at best.

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