Lunatics/Innocence/Cops the 98%

Lunatics/Innocence/Cops the 98%

Another mass shooting and killing of innocents has stunned the American people, yet again. A Pittsburg Synagogue's Jewish congregation brutally attacked by what I could only describe as a Lunatic. The suspect identified as Robert D. Bowers was  armed with an AR 15- and 3 semi-automatic handguns.  After 30 minutes of sustained gunfire 11 people are dead and 6 wounded, including 4 responding Police Officer's. This week our Country bears witness to lunatics with bombs, lunatics with assault weapons, and of course the lunatic fringe, blaming a President, blaming a political party, lashing out at whoever is against  their particular ideals.

Nietzsche describes insanity in individuals as "something rare, but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule." He goes on to say that "he who fights monster's should take care lest you become a monster, and if you gaze for long into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you." In  trying to come to terms with this type of behavior, I know that we in law enforcement need inspiring words to use as our  guides in dealing with monsters such as Robert Bower.

He was allowed by Police to surrender after barricading himself  in a 3rd floor room. He had been wounded, but it was unknown if they were self inflicted or by return gunfire from the police. I can tell you from experience  the state of mind of those Officers. A monster kills 11 innocent people and wounds 6 more in a place of worship, 4 of your own are also wounded trying to stop the blood bath. He runs out of ammunition. Now think long and hard about what 98% of Police officers represent. He was taken alive to face trial by our laws. This is not a commercial, but the past several years millions of Americans and those of us who serve and protect in Law enforcement believe that the war on Cops in America is real.


Cops as I often said  are not perfect, no human ever was. However 98% is a damn good number for sure, and we cannot lose track of that because of the awful 2% that seems to haunt us. This was a quote from head of  the Pittsburg Public safety Department " I  was stunned watching officers run into danger and remove people and get them to safety, if not for them, this tragedy would  have been far worst."  Indeed.

It's what Cops stand for. They heeded Nietzsche and did not turn into the monster they were fighting. Nobody will report this but it's what goes on on every single day across America. In the difficult days ahead, think long and hard before you judge us by the 2% of our profession, that quite frankly, like monsters are never going away. Think about the events of this last week. One Anti Semitic bigot, a low life coward, who slaughters innocent unarmed people in a place of worship, and another despicable lunatic who mailed bombs to innocent people.

I seriously believe that soon we have to realize the monsters and lunatics who live among us need  be exposed for what they really are, low life scum, a  creeping vermin that has no place in a civilized society. The good have to quit fighting the good and concentrate on the monsters among us. Sometimes I wonder if we are the victims of to many feel  good stories, paid programming, politicians who promise anything to get elected and what are human feelings dictate from it all.  Are we being tricked, mislead, or that dreaded word from the 50s "BRAINWASHED".

Think about two political candidates for Governor of Illinois,(Its close to home) both spending upwards of 300 million dollars, most of it their own money, mind you, to bash the bejesus out of each other with paid commercials. After they get done with the sinister low whispers accusing each other of every conceivable act, including criminal behavior, to removing toilets for tax gains,  you would wonder how each is allowed outside, or how they can even dress themselves let alone be a Governor.

When I mentioned the Lunatic fringe I think we should all be aware that sometimes they are right out front and are not disguised. They use our fears, dislikes and just about any pitch they can safely throw out there to get our attentions, our money and even our vote. Think about this for a bit and I think it will help explain what I mean using peoples fear to gain an advantage. It's Florida, but it hits home. One of the people running for Governor of the State of Florida  a guy by the name of Andrew Gillum say's that "The police are going to far if they have to pull out a gun, baton, or laser when approaching a suspect. In the immortal words of General Anthony McAuliffe responding to a German surrender ultimatum at the battle of the Bulge "NUTS."----- Rest in peace, the victims of the Pittsburgh Synagogue massacre.

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