King Larry Hoover/Al Capone/A President /A Rapper

King Larry Hoover/Al Capone/A President /A Rapper

I must say I was astonished this week when word came from the Oval Office that Rapper Kanye West appealed to President Trump to pardon Larry Hoover. I'm not sure even what the hell a Rapper was doing in the White House meeting with thePresident but the fact that Larry Hoovers name was mentioned was astonishing to me. The background of  Kanye's request is that King Hoover as he was known on the street, would have a monster effect on Chicago's gang violence.

I guess Kanye believes that the king would simply wave his hand,  the gang thugs would give up the gang life, forget killing each other and seek employment at the Walmarts and the Burger Kings, hell maybe even go on to college.  Man how I wish I knew Kanye West. I have this Bridge in Brooklyn that I'm willing to unload cheap.  Not to be outdone by a Rapper another local gas bag, Wallace Gator Bradley,  chimed in to the press (of course) that if Hoover was released he would bring the fear of God to the streets. Geez, another candidate to try and unload my Bridge on.  My honest guess in all this is King Larry would be murdered within two weeks by the local thugs as just another dude trying to interfere with their lucrative life style. KING HOOVER WHO!


I'm not sure if Rapper West even met Larry Hoover.  If he did it would have to have been a prison visit since the King has been incarcerated since 1973 in various prisons. My acquaintance with Larry Hoover started back in the late 60's on Chicago's South Side, in the Englewood neighborhood.  He was born in 1950 in Jackson,  Mississippi and moved to Chicago at an early age. At 12-years-old Larry was on the streets -- at 18 he was part of a gang that called themselves the Supreme Gangsters.

At that time in his life he was referred to as "Prince Hoover."  They terrorized the neighborhoods around 69th and Ashland, Harper High School, and the Raster public school, shaking down students, local businesses, and robbing bus passengers of change and transfers at the local street car/bus barnes located on Ashland between 69th and 71st.  Soon after he and rival gang leader King David Barksdale agreed to merge their gangs. Hence was born the notorious Black Gangster Disciple Nation.

After King David Barksdale's death of kidney failure, Prince Larry was now the supreme ruler of the Black Gangster Disciple Nation. The young Prince soon became a King.  His downfall from freedom came in 1973 when he ordered the abduction and murder of William "Pooky" Young in an alley at 68th and Union in the Englewood neighborhood. Pooky was suspected of stealing the  gangs drugs and money (a little personal information, the king was right on, pookey was feasting). The King was found guilty and sentenced to 150 to 200 years behind bars.

While incarcerated King Larry ran the gangs illicit drug trade in prison and on the streets, starting from the west of Chicago and later expanding to the entire U.S.  While incarcerated he helped form the Folks Nation, Maniac Latin Disciples, La Raza Nation and Spanish Gangster Disciples.  His empire was said to have numbered 30,000 soldiers (in todays rap that would be affiliates) and his income was said to be at least 30 million a year.

Finally in 1995 after a 17 year undercover investigation by Federal authorities he was rearrested in prison on drug conspiracy and extortion, and of course the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) which is the best weapon when it comes to sentencing and fighting organized crime in America.  Whatever happen to it is anyone's guess here in modern day Chicago. In my opinion lots of Larry Hoovers are out there on today's streets in Chicago.  Just look around. In 1997 he was again convicted of all charges and sentenced to 6 life sentences of between 150 and 260 years in the Federal Prison in Florence, Colorado.

Anywhere you travel in the world when people inquire about Chicago it's not unusual for people to mime the old machine gun shooting and bring up Al Capone.  It's a fact of life for all Chicagoans.  Old Al was definitely a scourge and a notorious monster responsible for untold murders and misery.  However, King Hoover has brought a plague to Chicago that is still spreading to this very day. Look at those gang affiliates he organized, all still active and still killing and spreading the vicious cycle of violence we all see on Chicago's streets on an ongoing and daily basis.  I'm willing to bet before Kanye mentioned him to the President you could count on you hands how many people knew of this monster who once lived among us. Mr. President please do not be swayed by idiocy in bringing Clownery to the Oval Office. King Hoover is where he belongs for the rest of his life. Remember the line in the Godfather, "leave the gun take the cannoli's."  My advice to you is leave Hoover where he is and send RICO to Chicago.

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