Chicago's Crime Stats/Illusion/ Delusion/Collusion/

Chicago's Crime Stats/Illusion/ Delusion/Collusion/

Once again President Trump has called attention to Chicago's never ending cycle of violence. While addressing the International  Association of Chiefs of Police at their annual convention in Orlando Florida, the President once again saw fit to shine a light on the City's shootings and killings. While every single politician, including the City's Mayor Rahm Emanuel, was gassing about the outcome of a trial in which a white Cop was found guilty in the death of a black teenager, a 2 year old toddler was murdered and 15 more people were shot in yet another violent weekend in a City that has seen an average of almost 9 people shot on a daily basis in 2018. 2 years old for chrissakes, the youngest  murder victim of the year. Gang related of course, crazed out of control thugs  killing anyone who happens to get in the way.

Yet somehow, someway the police trial, and the police themselves are the ones coming under fire with the calls for reform. You kinda get the feeling that those folks desperately need to have some distraction to keep the City from realizing people are being murdered and nobody seems to give a damn. Everyone seems to be an activist and yet the gangs are seeing none of that activism. It's not like they don't know who they are.


No question someone is whispering in the Presidents ear regarding the hapless response by the City's cops and politicians to do anything about it. The main culprit of course according to most Cops and also thousands of retired Officers is the City's agreement with the ACLU that effectively  stopped the Police from stopping individuals who are acting suspicious.(two minutes stops have been replaced by a report of over 40 minutes) Somehow the ACLU convinced the City leaders that Chicago's cops were profiling  minority individuals. They somehow came to this conclusion even in some Police Districts that are well  over 95% minority. They threw it out there with the threat of a lawsuit and Rahm and his staff buckled and entered into the agreement.

Immediately after signing that agreement street stops in Chicago dropped by over 82%. For those who are not familiar with the street's and gang suppression those stops were the number one weapon in keeping the gangs from shooting and killing. Since 2012 to date, Chicago has had over 22,200 people shot, and over 4,000 murdered. Figures that in 7.5 years have surpassed America's war casualties  in Afghanistan for over 16 years.

President Trump suggested in his speech that the Attorney General of the United States will be dispatched to Chicago to try and undo the infamous agreement and bring back a sensible Stop and Frisk to help law enforcement in fighting the violent epidemic that has gripped the City. Mayor Emanuels response was that IT'S A REAL BAD IDEA BECAUSE IT WOULD HURT RELATIONS BETWEN THE POLICE AND THE COMMUNITY. Imagine weighing relations  against the daily slaughter those communities are enduring. The Mayor then added that Chicago's violence was actually down.

Now for those who are not familiar with crime stats, what he's saying is that the violence is down from twenty seventeens numbers to date, but it still averages out to over 508 homicides yearly in a 7.5 year period. Whenever  Politicians use the words, "crime is down" one has to be very carful. Killings and shooting we remember were down the day after the "Little Big Horn.

There is also another reason to be skeptical of all of Chicago's announced crime figures. Traditionally the city released crime figures and you always wondered how almost every month crime seemed to be down and the reality was we were living in Dodge City. Carjackings, shootings and murders seemed to be epidemic like. Well,  back in April of 2014 two reporters from Chicago Magazine published a 3 part expose that revealed the different ways that the City was FUDGING crime statistics. They called it a big wash machine simply rinsing crime away. Take for instance the City would announce for example that there were 80 shooting incidents in the month of March.  So, if more than one person was shot in a vicinity, it was only counted as one.  Hell, in one weekend this year Chicago had 5 incidents of mass shootings in which 3 or more people were shot.  The total was 25 people shot, where in the past it would have been listed as five.

There are several more ways in which the public was deceived about their City's crime statistics and the 3 part expose was an award winning eye opener for sure.  The City seemed to be saying "who do you believe, us or your eyes?"  Chicago's Cops are clearing an abysmal 16% of all crimes but this few months it's been reported that it's dropped into the single digits.  There is no question something is very, very, wrong when it comes to the City's crime epidemic.  Somewhere the City has lost its way.  It's all too convenient to point at the Police Department.  It's time to shine a light on the leaders who are responsible -- those who find it convenient to provide distractions and place blame.

A few years back immediately after the agreement was signed and crime soared and the streets were filled with bodies of victims the Mayor made a comment in a speech that Chicago's cops were fetal.  Imagine that if you will.  I wonder if he knew he was the supposed Commander in Chief.  Did he ask himself what can I do?   Is it perception or fact?  It should have been a basic leadership question.   He did nothing but provide more distractions and blamed more scapegoats.  Be careful Chicago.   Trust your good instincts.  Leaders have agendas and lots of times it's their own.


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