The Essence of Freedom/ Obedience to the Law

The Essence of Freedom/ Obedience to the Law

It seems such a simple solution to so many people and yet the City of Chicago seems to be struggling mightily for answers to reduce Chicago's epidemic of violence. Liberty itself has but one foundation,"THE LAW MUST REIGN SUPREME." Make no mistake, anarchy can and does occur where there is law but no one to enforce it such as a temporary or long term absence of government and law enforcement. A few months before his death at the hands of a convicted felon in possession of a firearm and wearing a bullet proof vest,  Commander Bauer had this to say at a community meeting.  "It is frustration that the police deal with on a daily basis as they try to make communities safer. This has been going on now for quite some time and it's getting progressively worse."  He pointed out as an example a person arrested multiple times for burglary, he's already out on parole for burglary, he needs to sit. "It's like if you have kids, if there are no consequences or punishment for your actions, those actions are going to repeat. Accountability for ones actions,  not an easy release back into society he further stated. He was not talking about a person who steals bread to feed himself or family, he was talking about career and repeat offenders.

A study by the University of Chicago Crime Lab has analyzed shootings in Chicago and calculated that the number of cases solved are well below 20% and fluctuates between 14 and 17% of the shootings and killings.  This indicates that over 80% of the crimes being committed, the offenders are not even arrested and charged.  It certainly will not be a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention that the study of arrest records of victims showed that the vast majority of the killed or wounded in 2015 and 2016 had prior arrests.  The study further showed Chicago's shooting victims each had on average 12 prior arrests and 20% of them had more than 20 arrests and 50% were for violent crimes.  I recently had a discussion with several Federal agents working cases in the Chicago area and they said that Chicago had at least as many people were wearing ankle monitors as there are Cub fans. Tongue and cheek but sometimes perception rules.

The criminal element behind over 90% of the violence of course is Chicago's gangs. This is not a secret to be sure. The Cook County Court system has adopted what many call the catch and release system.  Affordable I bonds for most criminals, ankle monitors, a veritable revolving door -- that revolving door that Commander Bauer talked about. Criminals are let back into society with no accountability or punishment and we are vividly seeing the results. There is a vey popular and successful Defense  Lawyer in North Carolina by the name of Larry Archie who has "Billboards" all over the South proclaiming "JUST BECAUSE YOU DID IT. DOESN'T MEAN YOU'RE  GUILTY." Indeed that slogan closely identifies the present situation and attitude in Cook County, in the opinion of many.


Offenders caught time and time again in violation of gun laws are back out without 24 hours, well documented by Frank Main of the Sun-Times on his investigation into carjackings which have quadrupled in the last four years, with 2017 just short of 1,000.  While most folks are well aware of the violent shootings and killings happening mostly on Chicago's South and West sides, carjackings are a city-wide scourge sparing no area of the City.  Carjackings have become the new Gang Taxi service supplanting Uber and Lyft.

It doesn't take a Doctorate in Economics to figure out that between the County Government's catch and release programs and the Chicago Police Department's dismal clearance rates of violent crimes has led to the perfect storm of violent offenders running amok in the neighborhoods like free-range chickens shooting and killing at alarming rates. Commander Bauer finished his community meeting by stating that,  "no  politicians should be bragging about the jails being empty."   He said humbly that in his opinion is nothing to be proud of.  Ask yourself this. I often have, If the jails are empty, where are they?   Chicago's daily violent statistics tell you where they are.

To use the word anarchy might seem extreme to some but to those neighborhood folks who are living in fear it most definitely strikes a cord.    Chicago desperately needs an "End Effector."  The palliating by the those  in power must end, the goofy Carnival shows on the expressways  by so called activists are starting to take on an air of ignorance. Those who are in power must be held accountable. They are not your leaders they are your representatives . Remember the  words of the late Attorney General and Presidential candidate, Bobby Kennedy, when he said,  "Every society gets the kind of criminal it deserves. What is equally true is that every community gets the kind of Law Enforcement it insists on."  Chicagoan's need to start INSISTING.  Edmund Burke the Irish born Statesman and  political theorist summed it up on point 258 years ago, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men (and women) to do nothing."



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