Rahm Emanuel/ A Man of Many Names

Rahm Emanuel/ A Man of Many Names

Yesterday Rahm Emanuel added yet another name to the many he has been called over the years.  Shocking to some, expected by others, "Lame Duck," joins "Rhambo" "Tiny Dancer" "the Rahm Father" and of course thanks to Chicago Teacher's  Union  President, Karen Lewis, the infamous "Mayor Murder." Back in 2013  you'll recall the Mayor's announcement to close 50 of Chicago's public schools precipitating a contentious 7 day teacher's strike. The teacher's union cried foul, sighting the impact on mostly poor and needy neighborhoods. The Mayor countered by charging that closings were needed to improve on an  African American male graduation rate of 44%  with a 56% drop-out rate. The tone was set, the two from then on, would always be a don't invite em duo.  Most people think M/S Lewis would have been a formidable opponent to run against the Mayor in 2015, however a serious health issue kept her out of the race.  We all know the outcome.   The Mayor was forced into a runoff with Chuey Garcia for a second term as mayor.

As far back as 1422 the French originated a phrase, "the King is dead, long live the King." It came about when the French King Charles VI died and his son Charles VII became King instantaneously at the moment of death, thus the seamless transfer of power.  However, modern Democracy has wiped out that "instantaneous" label  and replaced it with a "Lame Duck" label. Over the next two months,  at least 12 candidates, maybe more now with the Mayor's announcement, will literally be in a free for all to gain the power that the Mayor of Chicago wields. Vladimir Lenin the Russian revolutionary said,  "there are no morals in politics, only expediency." In my opinion Chicago no doubt will have a front row seat to it all.


Historians will judge Rahm Emanuel, just as they did and are doing with the previous mayor, Richard M. Daley,  whom Mayor Emanuel would never identify by name when dealing with the so called fiscal mess left by the previous administration.  Of course no man is perfect and rest assured Mayor Emanuel, had in my opinion, made some  colossal blunders. Karen Lewis,  when referring to the Mayor as Mayor Murder, was obviously referring to the 3,830 murders and the 19,940 people shot since 2012 thru September of this month. Most experienced cops are convinced that the Mayor's campaign promise in 2011 to add 1,000 cops on the street  did not mean hires. His new and inexperienced Police Superintendent,  Garry McCarthy, was forced to disband specialized units that contained gang warfare and kept intelligence, and sent them to districts to "serve the community better." Of course this did not happen and the Department was forced to go even further by sending administrative cops out to fight the escalating epidemic of gang warfare.

All this at a cost of over 100 million dollars a year for several years, to hire overtime cops to work area's they were not familiar with, to bring the gangs under control.  Immediately after came the August 2015 agreement between the Department and the ACLU, the City agreed to replace a 2 minute "Field Contact Card" in which street cops would stop and question individuals on foot or in vehicles who they deemed were acting suspiciously. Street stops are the biggest  weapon cops have in curbing gang violence. It was rare when gangs used assault weapons on the street, they were much to  difficult to conceal from the police, they have become  all to common lately. The contact card was replaced by a cumbersome report that took up at least 40 minutes and tied up cops on patrol.  Think about that,  two suspicious known gang affiliates, at 2 a.m, cruising the hood and it's 40 minutes to ask what they are doing.

Superintendent McCarthy has since stated, after his firing  by the Mayor, that the Mayor and City Hall were meddlers in police affairs. When questioned why he allowed  that, he stated that he loved his job and wanted to keep it. The obvious flaw in the system is, if appointed to a position of power, and a $200,000 annual salary by a guy who you owe your position to, few would not go along.  Karen Lewis was not beholden to the Mayor for her position. What City officials and the Mayor did not know, or foresee, was that by closing 50 schools, children had to pass new "gang boundaries" that at times can be a death sentence.

Gang thugs run neighborhoods. To think otherwise is naive. To offset the fear of this the City and the tax payers were on the hook for an additional $7.5 million more a year to fund the already $16 million being spent on a program called "Safe Passage"put in place to get children to school without being shot or harmed. When you try explaining  that to people not from Chicago they are flabbergasted. Whether Rahm Emanuel was failed by his trusted advisers or if the fear of speaking out such as McCarthy mentioned, we will never know. There is a ancient saying , "when you strike at the King make sure he is dead." Some leaders take great offense at underlings having different opinions.  Hubris can be a leader's downfall. Not accusing "JUST SAYIN"

In the upcoming days until the November elections all Chicagoans should be aware of the words of George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans ) "The important work of moving the world  (City) forward does not wait to be done by the perfect man (or Women) Indeed, thanks Rahm, by no means were you perfect, but thanks for your service.


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