Quadruple Judgement/ Quadruple Jeopardy/ Just Cops?

Think about this.  One of the least free people in our free society are the nation's cops.  Every single American including killers, rapists, sexual predators, etc., has the Fifth Amendment protection including double jeopardy.  So now we have this "let's keep looking for some organization or any useful idiot to force our agenda" mentality and keep it or them in the headlines.  Even the most wacko thinking individual would have to chuckle at this one if it wasn't so stupid.

Imagine it's the day after Christmas 2015.  It's 4:30 in the morning, you get a radio call from a distraught father whose son was having an EPISODE in his words.  You come on the scene and this "episode"whether it be domestic in nature or a case of mental illness, the fact is it's now in your hands to deal with and quite frankly it's too late for any assessment.  You and your partner are met by a bat-welding, out of control teenager charging at you with the bat.  You defend yourself with the only chance you have to avoid taking a direct hit to your head.  Tragically, a bystander is hit and killed by the same bullet that killed the bat-welder.  Without question a sad tragedy.

A two year investigation by the States Attorney Office, the FBI, the Justice Department, IPRA and finally the Police Superintendent says you did nothing wrong.  COPA (which was not even in existence at the time of this incident) reopens the investigation and concludes that the officer should be fired.  COPA (those Karnack mind readers) have concluded that the officer and his partner probably should have turned and ran to Cleveland rather than defend themselves.

Now skip forward to this.  One member of the Police Board, Eva Dina Delgado, a government and community relations employee of the Peoples Gas Company and a  member of the police board appointed by the Mayor, has concluded the case should be turned over to the entire police board for yet another on-going, exhaustive investigation of this matter.  A Police Board appointed by the Mayor who is fighting for his political career will now take over and decide the officer's fate.  Is it any wonder that Chicago has the epidemic of crime and violence it is enduring?  A member of the GAS Company sits in judgment of Illinois law, CPD rules and regulations, an expert in self-defense and the use of deadly force, and has never ever been in a position where you have to make a decision involving your life in milliseconds.  A Gas Company employee passing gas in my opinion.

Think about me here in Miramar Beach, Florida.  Today I'm going over to Sacred Heart Hospital where a recent heart transplant didn't turn out so good for a guy named Sid.  Sid's family and friends have turned against the surgeon and have demanded the hospital fire him.  The Chief of Surgery says the doctor did not act recklessly and left a report why he reached that conclusion.  So in order to satisfy the unsatisfied the hospital has asked me to review the matter and determine if it indeed needs more review.

Well!!! Who better qualified to judge a surgeon than a retired cop from Chicago?  At least I won't be passing any gas.

No cop in America is above the law but rest assured they are not below the law either.

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