Graffiti/ Gangs/Taggers/ /Aerosol Art.

Graffiti/ Gangs/Taggers/ /Aerosol Art.
In the last few days it was very disheartening for me  to see Alderman Burke and Alderman O’Shea try and water down  Chicago’s ban on Spray paint. After almost 23 years it seems the good Alderman are suddenly worried about the profits of Ace Hardware and  True Value Hardware. I can tell you that those... Read more »


Police Departments are defined as a legitimate governmental body, charged with the authority to maintain order, prevent crime, and enforce the laws of of government. In other words the police agency ensures that the government remains a stable and respectable  entity within society. The job of the police does not exclude ANYONE from abiding by... Read more »

Chicago's Violence/The Human Toll/The Price tag

A Bloomberg news analysis in December of 2017 put the cost of Chicago’s violence at a staggering $2.5 billion dollars a year.   The multi-billion dollar figure breaks down to average $2,500 per household according to Jens Ludwig and Craig Futterman of the University of Chicago crime lab.  The analysis includes $900-$1,200 for the cost of... Read more »
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Violence Awareness/ The Nations Public Highways/

Father Pflager’s anti-violence march on the Dan Ryan Expressway on Saturday, July 7th,  in case nobody was paying attention, has legal precedent that goes back to the Civil Rights movement in 1965.  On March 7th 1965,  hundreds of Civil Rights demonstrators marched from Selma, Alabama to the State Capitol in Montgomery to call attention to... Read more »

Righties/Lefties/ Left Wing /Right Wing/Labels

I remember back in a more innocent time when if you were a righty or a lefty it simply meant what side of the batters box you hit from when playing baseball.  It certainly had nothing to do with one’s political leanings such as Right Wing or Left Wing.  Add that to   the Left Leaning... Read more »

Protests/ Civil Disobedience/ Common Sense

A good friend and I,  both retired cop supervisors,  were discussing yet again another violent day in Chicago. An ordinary summer Tuesday, which saw 23 people shot,  leaving three dead.  The victims included children, ages 11, 13, 15 and 16 years of age. Nothing new really for Chicago. Thug gangbangers from rival gangs running amuck... Read more »

America's War On Preventable Deaths

A Chicago Tribune editorial recently ran a headline that should have every Americans  attention. “CIGARETTES: DRUNK DRIVING: NEXT: GUNS. It pointed out that we Americans indeed resented the preventable deaths Cigarettes and Drunk Driving caused.  According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) Cigarette smoking this year is at an all time low... Read more »

Chicago/ Carl Sandberg/ A City of Big Shoulders/ There was More

Back in 1914 when Carl Sandberg, one of America’s great poets, published his nine poems on Chicago it was obvious how much he loved this great City. Most people are familiar with just a few lines from his famous poem, “Chicago Hog Butcher of the World” and of course his most famous passage “Chicago, the... Read more »

Chicago's Street Gangs/The Scourge Among Us

Every four years or so the Chicago Crime Commission, who have been around since the 30s, publishes  a book on street gangs in Chicago. Recently they published the latest version which really got my attention. Since Al Capone, Chicago’s notorious gang leader of the 30s, and up through todays street gangs , Chicago has always... Read more »

Kneelers/ NFL/ Divisiveness

I’m not sure any civilization that has ever existed is as passionate as America when it comes to Patriotism. Most  of you  remember back in the 60s and 70s hardly a day went by that somewhere in our Country the streets were swarming with protesters. The Civil rights movement was in it’s infancy and folks... Read more »