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What Doesn't Bend, Breaks

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I’ve been running and squatting and lunging and kicking…and well, you get the picture.  I’ve been really on top of working out consistently, but I’ve let one aspect of my fitness go by the wayside.  Stretching.  When I’m doing a workout DVD, I always skip the warm-up.  Yes, yes, the cool down, too.  When I... Read more »

Get Off That Couch

And just like that, we’re into the second month of the year.  Your New Year’s fitness momentum has probably started to ebb a bit.  I know my motivation has taken a couple of hits this past month.  Some mornings it’s just too cold to get out of my cozy bed at 5AM for a run. ... Read more »

Just One More Profile: Tara Stiles

I first came across Illinois-born and raised Tara Stiles in 2007.  I was poking around YouTube and somehow landed on the Ford Models channel.  She had several yoga videos on the channel, but the first one I watched was Yoga for Balance.  Here’s a bit of inside information: I’m a klutz.  If there are a... Read more »

Yoga: Staying Calm When Your Jeggings Don't Fit

When jeggings came out there were some people in a tizzy.  “What, jeans aren’t comfortable enough anymore?  Those things are a half a step away from pajamas!”  I stayed neutral on the subject.  Mostly because I just can’t get myself worked up over what someone else is wearing.  But also because when they were introduced... Read more »