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Top 10 Health & Fitness Accomplishments of 2012

10.  I discovered the benefits of juicing.  Without it, I wouldn’t have been able to kick my proclivity for all things sweet.  And that’s just the tip of the benefits iceberg! 9.  I ran an 8-minute mile!  When I started I was “running” a 16-minute mile. 8.  I completed the Insanity program even though I... Read more »

Go Bright Or Go Home

Nike Women's Tight Track and Field Capris
Remember when I said that clothes matter?  I meant it.  I can’t find a decent (or indecent) pair of fuchsia shorts anywhere.  You know what else is a no-go?  A pair of moisture-wicking tangerine-colored pants.  They just don’t exist!  Please let me know if I’m wrong.  Seriously.  Please let me know.  If I have to... Read more »