Hi, I'm Kristin!  I love sweatpants, buckets of mint Oreos, and long naps in front of reruns of Murder, She Wrote.  What I'm trying to say is--lock up your husbands, ladies!  When I'm not being a master of seduction, I write.  That's a lot of time spent sitting on my butt, and my sweatpants were becoming a bit snug.  I decided to jump on this fitness bandwagon, because A.) Who doesn't enjoy a good bandwagon, and B.) For the love of God, my SWEATPANTS were snug!  I'm now making it a habit to hit the gym and bike trails; I like to think of it as doing my part to beautify Chicago.

Come here for your weekly dose of health and fitness around Chicago.  Okay--and maybe a few things to derail your efforts every once in a while!