Top 10 Health & Fitness Accomplishments of 2012

10.  I discovered the benefits of juicing.  Without it, I wouldn't have been able to kick my proclivity for all things sweet.  And that's just the tip of the benefits iceberg!

9.  I ran an 8-minute mile!  When I started I was "running" a 16-minute mile.

8.  I completed the Insanity program even though I thought for a while that I would never make it through it.

7.  I can do 20 FULL push-ups!  Is this a safe place to admit that I could only do ONE when I first started?  That doesn't leave the room!

6.  I kicked my carb addiction.  This should probably be number one, as I thought it would NEVER happen.

5.  I learned to make (and love) so many different kinds of salad!  Leafy greens for everyone!

4.  I lost 35 pounds.  Holla!

3.  I've learned to appreciate physical activity.

2.  I learned that I'm capable of sticking with something and successfully seeing it through to the end.

1.   Someone mistook me for Rihanna!  Alright, fine...this didn't actually happen.  But if it did, it would definitely make number one on my list!

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