A New Love

My workout schedule has been nonexistent for a while.  I wish I could say that it was because of the holidays, but it started way before then.  First, I cut back to four times a week, then three, then...  You can guess the rest.  I finished Insanity and was so physically exhausted (and proud!) that I took a breather and that "breather" turned into an almost permanent respite involving me lying on the couch eating peppermint bark and buttered popcorn.  Not at the same time, mind you.  I'm not an animal.

Every night before I go to bed, I get really excited at the notion of starting my fitness routine in the morning.  Then...nothing.  I don't know how to recapture my motivation!  And all the tips and techniques I used before just aren't working this time around.  Woe is me.

I suppose sometimes you just have to do things that are good for you even when you don't feel inspired to do them?  I mean, what is that?  That's like the worst rule-of-thumb ever.  But diabetes and not being able to wear bodycon dresses is right up there on that list of awful things, too.  So I rolled my mushy stomach out of bed every morning for the past week to get back into the swing of things.

The thought of jumping and being breathless was too much for me, initially.  So I started with some Pilates, and you know what?  I'm in love.  I feel graceful and flexible, but also like I could be a ninja (let's face it--I absolutely can be).  Additionally, my butt is firm again after only a week!  Is that too much information?  I feel like the mention of my butt is just a basic tenet of this blog and everyone should be accustomed to it by now.

I don't know what this means for me and other forms of exercise.  I know I need cardio, too.  I know this.  But it's just so nice to not be fighting through jump squats at the moment.  Perhaps it's time to pay another visit to MaZi Dance Fitness?  Their Ballerina Fight Club class always got my heart pumping while simultaneously making me feel like I could kill it onstage in a production of the Nutcracker.  I'd be the Snow Queen, naturally.

I'll let you know what I decide, Chicago.  My search for the perfect class/studio commences.

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  • Great post, glad to know I'm not alone! I recently completed a TRX bootcamp class. I was fit, toned and much stronger until Thanksgiving rolled around. Peach cobbler was my kyrptonite. I'll stay posted for your opinion on some of the classes/ studios in the city.

  • In reply to Alexis:

    Thanks, Alexis! Thanks for reading!

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