Just One More Profile: Tara Stiles

I first came across Illinois-born and raised Tara Stiles in 2007.  I was poking around YouTube and somehow landed on the Ford Models channel.  She had several yoga videos on the channel, but the first one I watched was Yoga for Balance.  Here's a bit of inside information: I'm a klutz.  If there are a set of stairs to fall down or something to trip over, I'm going to find it.  I once fell into a big Krispy Kreme display in a grocery store and landed on the floor crushing no less than four boxes of donuts in the process.  I got up and ran, in case you were wondering where my maturity level rests.

So when I watched Tara's Yoga for Balance video and I saw her move from right side plank to left side plank with the ease of a ninja and the grace of a jungle cat, I was hooked.  I watched every video she had and downloaded the podcast to receive future videos.  She has since made her own YouTube channel and has opened a yoga studio in New York City where she lives.

Tara's first book, Slim Calm Sexy Yoga, rocks my ankle socks.  It has several fifteen minute yoga routines to get you started on various goals (e.g. clear skin, fat-burning, stress reduction, strength building).  And if you're like me and like to have a video to follow, she also has a yoga DVD called Yoga Anywhere.  It's a tough workout.  Very tough.  But Tara is so easygoing and genuine that even if you're on the floor gasping for air in the first twenty minutes (not me, a friend), she makes you feel like where ever you're starting from is okay because very soon people will be mistaking you for La Femme Nikita (you're learning too much about me).  I love every second of the video.

For now, Chicago, videos and books are the only way to practice regularly with Tara.  But I'm hoping that one day soon she'll bring a Strala yoga studio to her home state!

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