Now N'troducing: Chicago Author, Modi

Now N'troducing: Chicago Author, Modi

Modi is a 25 year old author and passionate writer. She loved writing so much she went to Fisk university to obtain her bachelors degree in English. From there she fell in love with literature and different writing styles and created her own. 

flyer“For the women who choose to play with fire knowing they will get burned; Women who choose excitement over safe…You are Not Alone.” These are the words of Chicago author, Modi, the author of the new book “Some Women Prefer Hell”. The book is a novel based on real-life events that Modi wrote at a time when “I needed to become my own hero,” she says.

“Some Women Prefer Hell” ultimately tells the story of a mother and daughter who are both hooked on the same drug, an abusive, manipulative boyfriend by the name of Mike. The book shows first hand how a parent has the ability to pass more than just their DNA to their child, but sometimes their habits and their ways, and in this case, it’s not for the best. This story will invoke laughter, frustration, anger, and even tears as it journeys through situations that’s sadly too familiar and relate-able to far too many.

I want young women and even men to leave this book owning their decisions. The purpose of this book is to acknowledge situations that are often put on mute. To let people who go through these various situations know that they are not alone. Just because you’re in hell, doesn’t mean you have to stay there, but you have to fight like hell to get out of it.

 “Some Women Prefer Hell” makes its debut on June 30, 2018. Modi will be hosting a book release/signing on Saturday, June 30, 2018, from 2pm-5pm in the AT&T Lounge at the iHeart Radio building in downtown Chicago.

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