Now Introducing: Rapper Kyle Knight

Now Introducing: Rapper Kyle Knight

Making the choice to become a rapper can be a difficult one during this era. The more degrading, ignorant and ratchet your lyrics are the more recognition you seem to receive. Long gone are the days when there was a balance in the type of rapper that flowed through the airwaves of radio. So where does that leave the more conscious rappers? How do they make their voice and message heard in the ubiquitous sea of negativity? Emerging conscious rapper Kyle Knight says:

"Really just by being myself. Cream always rises to the top, right? So I'll just continue to be original, try to write great lyrics, and have great production while staying relevant with today’s current music styles. I will always try to present a balance of new and old sounds while offering doses of reality within the music."

Equal parts storyteller and reality rapper, Kyle Knight eloquently addresses political corruption, social justice, addiction epidemics, misogyny, and more in his music. In May of 2017, he released The Truth EP with four singles under his Kyle Knight Music brand and under his company, Kyle P. Lyric Publishing, LLC. Catalog.

As national headlines continue to unravel the injustices and sexual harassment/assault  of women, Kyle's new video "Hey Sister" gives them the empowerment and assurance that someone is not only listening but sympathetic to their plight.

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