Spring Hair Trends With Hair Enthusiast Milan Love

Spring Hair Trends With Hair Enthusiast Milan Love

Spring is in full bloom which means it's time to spring into action and refresh that winter do'. Hair Enthusiast & Instagrammer Milan Love is here to give us the latest spring styles for 2016 and ways to incorporate her gorgeous hair extension line Luxur Elite.

Brittany Sowacke 2015Milan has been a lover of hair and all things beauty since she was a little girl. From growing up in one of the largest cities in the world, Chicago, she's been blessed with a hustler's mentality. She's always had a need for more and began at an early age when discovering her many talents in the hair and beauty industry.   At the age of 14, her parents let her get her first hair extension installation and she instantly became hooked! From her younger adolescence until now, her early 20's, Milan has grown into a self-proclaimed hair guru. She graduated cosmetology school in 2013 to become a licensed cosmetologist & makeup artist. She has worked in various upscale salons and beauty bars but become tired of working for others. In March of 2015, Milan decided to become her own boss and the Luxur Elite brand was born! One of Milan's many goals is to open up a Luxur Elite salon and beauty bar!-via Luxur Elite

We asked Milan what's some popular hair trends, what will stay and what she noticed will fade away. Take a look below and then comment letting us know what style you like or may be rockin' for your spring/summer look!

Milan says, "The hair trends of 2016 that are popping right now are:

 CUlMa79WoAA9MMa(1)The Top Knot Bun: This simple and sleek style can take you from day to night. The ease of achieving this look makes you feel like you never want to give it up. Luxur Elite Hair Extensions can be incorporated with the top knot bun by taking a bundle, cutting up the tracks to the desired length and wrapping it around your pony tail until you get the desired shape for your look. Don't be afraid to play with this look. Messy buns has also become a staple in celebrity hair fashion.

kylie-jenner-c0216161Pastel Colored/Platinum Blonde Ice Colored Hair: Color, Color, Color will always be a hair staple. Throughout the seasons, we start to notice which colors stay and which fade... as far as hair trends are concerned. We've gone from ombre to fire engine red and now pastel & platinum ice colored hair. To avoid damage to your hair,  you can achieve this look using Luxur Elite's "Blonde Collection", which saves you time and money. We offer straight and wavy bundles, frontals and closures in platinum blonde. All you need to do is color the blonde extensions to your desired look. However, if you want to take the plunge and color your own locks, we recommend going to a trained professional especially if you plan on drastically changing your look from black to blonde. Whatever method you choose to dye your natural hair, be mindful and realistic of the outcome. Generally you can not go from black to platinum overnight, the process takes some time.

15-Exquisite-DIY-Box-Braided-Hairstyles-Frontal-RollFrontal Installations: A frontal ensures that no hair is left out while wearing it. Many celebrities use frontals and closure pieces to change the style and color of their hair, at the same time, maintaining the health of it. When properly applied, frontals look very realistic giving the appearance of a natural hair line. However, just like color, if it is not done by a licensed professional, you run the risk of damaging your hair or possibly suffering from alopecia or balding around your edges. We have a wide variety of frontals at Luxur Elite and if done right the results are amazing.


kim-kardashian-braids-zoom-bc4ae37c-82c2-48ff-8125-1f44d3d29c4dBraids: Frontals are also good to use to do the 2 braid look, that is so hot right now! There are many different braiding options out there to not only protect your style but simplify your routine. We're currently loving the Goddess Braid, Fish Tail or the simple Cornrows or "Box Braids".

Selena-Gomez-hairstyles-2015-500x612Long Hair: As long as women are on this earth long hair will be too. It seems to never goes out of style and it is always in demand at Luxur Elite! If you have the ability to naturally grow your hair then "you go girl!" but some of our clients like the easy that longer extensions can provide. Long hair or not, extensions provide the protection from heat as well as color and gives you the versatility of different hair textures and lengths. At Luxur Elite we pride ourselves on providing the best hair extensions. It doesn't matter what length you get, we promise a full thick bundle to achieve your desired look! With prom and wedding season approaching, we're bound to see an influx in demand."

Milan's Hair Trend Prediction: "Top knots will stay in style but bangs will fade out as they always do, Pastel & platinum color hair is a fad and will fade as soon as fall hits, frontals will stay in style, they have opened up a new path for the hair world and long hair is here to stay forever!"

For more information about Milan Love & Luxur Elite visit: www.shopluxurelite.com or follow them on Instagram

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