Women's History Month Spotlight: Creators Of The Bra Lab Enhance Women's Breasts In Less Than 2 Minutes

Women's History Month Spotlight: Creators Of The Bra Lab Enhance Women's Breasts In Less Than 2 Minutes

Bras and Breast can be at war more than the soldiers were in Vietnam. You can never be too sure what bra size you wear, so now your cup runneth over. Or what about those times you see a really cute outfit but no bra to keep those puppies tamed? Although nice to look at, breasts can be a real inconvenience but here's where The Bra Lab comes in. Let's do a little math:

There's 3 women and 6 breasts among them, a pair of breasts out of the 6 was frustrated with the bras on the market. How many women decided to cut their bras and start their own company?

Ok.. that's kind of a silly math problem but we used it as a catalyst to introduce you to the ladies behind The Bra Lab and tell you how they're helping women enhance their breasts while making purchasing bras a delightful experience.

Gina Verciella Grevi, Jennifer Verciella Prado & Gina Fontanini, The Scientist of The Bra Lab

10400497_10102066331536896_3886417101525561610_n-1Tell us a little bit about the Bra Lab and how it's changing our breasts?

The Bra Lab is a new-patented design concept addressing the on-going challenge every woman faces: finding the perfect bra to fit every look every day. At The Bra Lab we believe our bras solve this challenge and are a necessary and needed wardrobe staple for every woman, everywhere.

The Bra Lab bra is meant-to-be-seen! It features an innovative cup design with side clasps that support our variety of on-trend, fashion-forward yet versatile back straps creating a sleek seamless look, eliminating unattractive back claps in the mid-back, and steers away from typical lingerie fabrics. At TBL we design trend-forward bra options like our Parisian pinstripe, crochet mesh, and get playful with sequins and fringe. Each style adds contemporary sophistication, which ladies love to flaunt!

The Bra Lab allows its customer to wear what she wants, adding freedom and comfort and security in knowing your TBL piece complements and becomes part of your look, part of your individual style.

Ladies, what inspired this idea?

2674ea35-ef99-4484-a5e1-b64ca702ab3d Gina Crevi was frustrated with the current bra options on the market for the clothing she was buying for her boutiques. Women would constantly tell her they didn't want to buy a top or dress with an open back because they did not have the bra to wear with it. Crevi started thinking and then started (literally) cutting up her bras and voila: The Bra Lab initial design was created.

TBL is a solution for women who want the functionality of a molded cup with an eye-catching meant to be seen back. Through their research the three noticed a huge void and demand for multipurpose bras that are both functional and fashionable, offered in a variety of sizes, offer support, and work with tricky open backs or cutaway silhouettes.

The designs for The Bra Lab are ever expanding so expect new pieces in the coming seasons! The Bra Lab: The World’s Most Versatile Bra

The 3 of you are heading up this business, how did you meet? Were you friends before this?

Sister duo Gina Verciella Grevi and Jennifer Verciella Prado were exposed to fashion from an early age by their grandmother, a master tailor from Italy, and their mother, a force to be reckoned with who embodies an artful soul with an innate fashion sense and style.

TheBraLabFacing a consistent and constant frustration of bras that could be worn effortlessly with everything, the sisters burned their bras and started the revolutionary TBL.

Vericella Prado attended DePaul University with TBL’s third Bra Lab’er Gina Fontanini who brings her visual multimedia entrepreneurship to the mix. Fontanini has captured images and created content to build The Bra Lab brand, break boundaries, think outside the box, and support the culture and vision of TBL.

Each of the three women through work and travel has learned the importance of profitability, sustainability and social responsibility, along with global stewardship. It is a corporate passion and culture committed to bettering global education, the environment, and the welfare of animals.

If you're interested in purchasing from The Bra Lab please visit their website. You can also follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep up-to-date on their latest styles.

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