Women's History Month Spotlight: A Kick-Ass Designing Woman Empowering Other Women With Handbags

Women's History Month Spotlight: A Kick-Ass Designing Woman Empowering Other Women With Handbags

Currently, handbags are the new staple accessory! For many women, the obsession for shoes is just as strong as handbags. Designer Claudia Gutierrez recognized just how strong this obsession was for other women and wanted to figure out a way to inspire and empower through, go figure, handbags!? Claudia story starts off modestly, a South American immigrate who settled to the United States and built a hugely successful company from literally nothing.

"Claudia Gutierrez moved to Houston where she married, only to eventually go through a very hard divorce that left her with two beautiful children, no job or income, and a “worthless” self image. She started creating jewelry and later handbags like she used to as a young girl in Colombia, which is known for its gorgeous bright, bold patterns. This inspiration proved appealing with stores throughout the area agreeing to sell her stuff. But she knew she not only wanted to do more, she also wanted to empower other women too. Despite her success to date, in 2014, she made the courageous decision to change the business model completely.

That’s where the ClaudiaG Collection got its roots. Today, women across the country have started their own businesses within this direct sales umbrella. She helps them get off the ground and underway so they can become financially independent, create their own schedules, and grow a network of collaborative female colleagues and friends."

Claudia is definitely a kick ass woman who deserves to have the spotlight on her this Women's History Month! If you know a Kick-Ass Woman, tell us about her.

Check back for more spotlights this month, we know some awesome chicks and we're eager to share.

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