NBC's Shades Of Blue Actor Dayo Okeniyi Chats About His Character Loman's Developments and Working With Ray Liotta

NBC's Shades Of Blue Actor Dayo Okeniyi Chats About His Character Loman's Developments and Working With Ray Liotta

If you haven't tuned into NBC's Shades of Blue, then it's about time you do so. This gritty crime drama is not like your typical Law & Order: SUV episode. Although both shows are network buddies, their premise is vastly different.

via NBC Harlee Santos (Jennifer Lopez) is a charismatic single mother and resourceful detective at the heart of a tight-knit crew of Brooklyn detectives, led by enigmatic Lieutenant Matt Wozniak (Emmy Award winner Ray Liotta, "Goodfellas," "Field of Dreams"), who often leads the team to step outside the limitations of the law in order to effectively protect their precinct and their own. As a big illegal job looms on the horizon, the FBI catches Harlee in the act and pits her against her own unit.

Somewhere in the thick of it all rookie cop Michael Loman (Dayo Okeniyi) joins the crew and finds out first-hand the "shadiness" that goes on with the boy (and girls) in blue.

via NBC Raised in Lagos, Nigeria, Dayo Okeniyi began acting in theater at his elementary school before his family moved to the United States in 2003. Okeniyi had his screen debut Shades of Blue - Season 1opposite Jennifer Lawrence in the wildly popular "The Hunger Games" film, where he played Thresh, an intimidating strong tribute from District 11. He also had supporting roles in "Endless Love," opposite Alex Pettyfer; the Sundance Film Festival hit "The Spectacular Now," opposite Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller; and "Runner Runner," opposite Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake. Last year, he was featured in Vanity Fair's New Wave portfolio and was one of the 30 Under 30 profiles for the Los Angeles Times.

Now that Okeniyi is in our homes every Thursday we see just how those skilled acting chops landed him a lot of heavy hitting roles. Dayo kind of crept on us but he said that he's been acting for some time and landed his first major role on "The Hunger Games". He attributed the opportunity on a high power, not luck. We spoke to Dayo about how his character is going to develop, working with his cast mates and more shade.

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