13 Steps To A Summer Glow At George The Salon

I'm all about beauty! Being in the entertainment industry, making sure my skin is flawless is extremely important. I wanted to prepare my skin for summer, so I visited George The Salon to help me out.

Settled right in the River North's  Hermes and Vera Wang building, George The Salon is the 3rd floor's beauty oasis. Upon entering, the staff was extremely friendly and welcoming. Before I was offered my drink of choice , I met the1009099_10152490164044671_8953656225763812845_o esthetician that was going to be the one giving me my summer glow.

Lindsey Fredell is the one responsible for: 1) giving me my first facial...EVER! and  2.) giving me that J.Lo glow

Before the process began, we discussed my skin and what it needed most. I was more concerned with hyperpigmentation and aging. Lindsey had the best treatment for my concerns:

  1. Pre cleanse: "Lavish" dry oil - Used to break up dirt and oil in and on the skin
  2. Cleanse: "supermild" gentle hydrating cleanser
  3. Exfoliate 1: "Birthday cake" gentle granular exfoliater helps removes loose dry build up and clean skin deeper
    Exfoliate 2: "Youth accelerator" pumpkin enzyme mask . This spicy smelling and feeling mask exfoliates the skin on a deeper level as well as start breaking down and soften congestion in the pores
  4. Ultrasonic: "Micro current" used to remove dead build up, encourage circulation in blood and lymph, and break up cross linking that causes fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation on the skin. This service is often an up charge at most locations,  but Lindsey includes it  in all her facials (as long as there are no contraindications). 10419009_1068736396488605_2378374255429579752_n
  5. Extractions: removal of congestion, blackheads, and milia manually
  6. Facial massage: "Lavish" dry oil
  7. Hydrating Mask: customized mixture of products and ingredients to help encourage anti aging, hydration, and rebuilding of the skin (mix it mask, sircurity, cool lychee wa, o.m.g serum, hyluranic acid, molecular mist)

  8. Light Therapy: the use of LED light helps stimulate cell function. George The Salon uses a red LED light for this process which rebuilds natural collagen and elasticity and is the most anti aging
  9. Serums: "Hyluranic Acid" draws and holds water and moisture to the skin, "O.M.G" hydrates repairs and rebuilds the skin and "Supernatural A" a vitamin A, anti aging and skin nourishing
  10. Tone: "Mollecular Mist" is a dense water and natural humectant to draw and hold water to the skin (technical it is a "dense water", better than a "toner" but it replaces a toner and people are just more used to the word toner in their regimen)
  11. Moisturizer: "Day care" normal skin moisturizer with sunscreen
  12. Eye Creme: "White out" quick absorbing best for dark circles and puffiness
  13. Lips: "Suggah" anti aging lip plumping treatment, and "Mantilla" lip balm prevents dry chapped lips

In the middle of these 13 steps Lindsey also gave an awesome mini massage. After my treatment I noticed a big difference. My skin felt rejuvenated and smooth as silk. I will definitely be back to visit Lindsey! You should too. Her prices are unbeatable and very competitive for the River North area.

Visit georgethesalon.com for more information

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