My Hair Journey: Tips For Longer & Healthier Hair

Since starting my beauty series on this blog I've really enjoyed sharing all of the things that has worked for me with others. I hope my last post on How to Get Longer Stronger Nails In Just A Week  helped many of you.  I want to now share some tips for helping your own head of hair to grow to a desired length. For most of my life I thought I could NEVER get my hair to grow past chin length. I really thought God blessed some with long hair and others with short hair, I'm happy to now know I was completely wrong.  The first thing you should understand about getting your hair to grow is you need to know your hair and hair type. Figure out what your hair needs/ lacks and what products works well with it. It may take awhile but once you see the results its well worth the wait. Below are some products and additional tips to get that stronger, longer hair you desire.

***Disclaimer I'm not a stylist and do not guarantee that these products will work for you because I don't know your hair type. However, I'm sharing some products that I love and I'm currently using. I do not work for any of the following companies*** 


Tip #1- Stay away from excessive heat & over processing: For a long time I was chemically straightening my hair, however one day I stopped doing it because I realized there wasn't any point of using such a harsh process since I was wearing protective styles (hair extensions). Through my pure laziness of not wanting to take the extra time to care for my hair properly and utilizing techniques that can get my hair just as straight without chemicals, I was damaging it in the process. I have gone several years without getting my hair chemically straightened and have no desire to go back. In the meantime,  I'm utilizing flat irons and blow dryers to achieve a sleek straight look but that is just as damaging if used excessively. So to avoid being tempted to flat iron every morning I ensure I tie up my hair at night with a scarf so by the morning time I can finger comb and leave out the door. Being an on-air radio traffic reporter doesn't always allow me to have the extra time to use a flat iron in the morning anyway which is why tying up my hair has been the smart choice.

Tip #2- Protective styling: Protective styling has helped my hair tremendously. I generally like to wear a sew in, which is the process of getting hair extensions sewn onto your hair that's cornrowed underneath. With a sew-in I'm able to do everything I can not do to my hair without it getting it damaged, such as; color, flat iron (everyday), wash & go, and sleep without a scarf. I also don't have a problem wearing a wig to give my hair  the opportunity to grow without all the tugging and pulling that certain stylist are known to do while braiding your hair for a sew-in.  However, with the right stylist your hair can grown an inch up to an inch and half while in a sew-in. I'm proof of that.

Tip #3 -Use the right products: Right now there's a couple of products that I can not live without and I have my eye on a couple others. I'll name the ones that I've been using and have received AWESOME results

  1. Silicon Mix Intensive Deep Hair Treatment Avanti Conditioner Mask I can not stress how fantastic this product is. Oh my God, I'm not sure where to start. I found this product on the internet one day looking for a product that would detangle some extensions that I had. After ordering the product on Amazon, I used it and fell completely in05_Avanti_Silicon_Mix_Hair_Treatment_36_oz__93633.1410435586.1280.1280 love. Not only did this product restore some bad extensions, but it gave the hair body and a luster that you sometimes never achieve once the extensions have taken it's course. Now that I've given my hair some much needed rest from extensions, I remembered how well this product worked on extensions so I decided to try on my natural tress. Dealing with natural curls can be a bit overwhelming for me but when I use this product it's like butter. Once I work the conditioner into my curls its like a miracle happens. I generally leave it in for a few mins. and rinse out. It makes my hair smell great for days and gives it a natural bounce and shine when blown out straight. It just makes going from curly to straight seamless.
  2. Hydratherma Naturals Daily Moisturizing Growth Lotion, Hydratherma Naturals Hair growth Oil & Hydratherma Naturals Follicle Mist This product has been my new fav. What's great about this company is that everything in their products is NATURAL. Which is very important when caring for your hair. You do not want a product that has too many chemicals that you can't pronounce. Additionally, the owner is extremely personable and gives her customers one on one attention to ensure they are ordering products specific to their Hair Journey (which is Hydratherma Cosmeticsironically the name of the website). I'm on a hair journey so it was no question for me to reach out to the company to get some products that would be suitable for me during my quest. I'm trying to grow my hair out as long as possible. I'm past shoulder length so I want to see how far I can go. The Growth Lotion is perfect for daily styling. I use it on my edges when I want them to lay down without using gel. I also use very little when I'm wearing my hair in a bun or ponytail. The Growth Oil has so many versatile uses: Regular styling, Hot Oil Treatments, Scalp Treatment and Deep Conditioning. As stated on the website very little is needed to achieve desired results. Lastly, the Follicle Mist (I simply adore this one) is awesome. This stuff I use so many different ways. I'll spray on at times when I need some added moisture to my hair or times when I want to put it in a ponytail I use this to slick back my hair instead of water. It's such a great product! Not using it is the only way you can go wrong with this product.
  3. It's A 10 Miracle Dry Oil Plus Keratin I only use this product before I'm going to blow dry/ flat iron. This is another 412-LsEO1ZL._SY355_product that has a wonderful smell and helps give a silky shine when flat ironing. Combined with the Silicon Mix it makes my hair super soft.
  4. CHI Silk Infusion with Keratin I also use this product prior to blow drying/ flat ironing. This is great because it has Keratin in it. Using a small amount gives maximum results.300

Tip #4- (Most Important) Vitamins: In my last post about healthy nails I mentioned that I take Biotin, which not only helps with promoting healthy hair but skins and nails, trust me it works. I've included a picture so you can see why I'm trying to stress that using some kind of vitamins for healthy hair is important. Outside of Biotin, I've been currently using a vitamin by the name of Manetabolism. I've only been using them for 3 months and I love them. I also make sure I add an Omega-3 to the mix. (My below picture is a result of hair growth in 3 months)



These are the products that I'm currently using and swear by but feel free to share what you're favorite products are and why along with your hair regimen. Also comment and let me know if you will be trying the above products and your results.


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