How To Get Longer Thicker Lashes In Less Than 10 Minutes

How To Get Longer Thicker Lashes In Less Than 10 Minutes

Yes, you read the title right.

This is definitely a beauty secret that I must share with the ladies. The most popular trend today, outside of having a big bottom and small waist like Kim Kardashian, is long lashes. If you're a beauty enthusiast like myself you've more than likely tried all of the tricks to try and get longer lashes. I'm all about saving money and with a tight economy, it's important that I can look my best for a lot less. Some of the lash techniques I've tried are:

Strip/ Individual  Lashes: The Least Expensive Alternative


Ardell Strip Lashes

  1. Strip Lashes are pretty cheap. You can purchase them from $3-20 a pair
  2. They give you that instant pop or glamorous look for the night
  3. If you're self sufficient you can learn to apply these bad boys on your own
  4. Individual lashes (not be be confused with lash extensions) on the other hand are just the strip lashes broken down to individual whisps that can be applied one by one in select areas on your eyelashes. They have the same Pro's as the strip lashes.Ardell Flare Individual Lashes


  1. Cheap doesn't always last
  2. Applying with that glue can be a little tricky and once you want to remove them they can be messy. The glue is hard to remove and tends to take a couple of lashes with it.
  3. Once the individual lashes start falling out you look a hot mess.

Eyelash Extensions: The Most Expensive Alternative


  1. Lash Extensions are addictive (not sure if that's a pro)
  2. You do achieve a very glamorous look that can last about 2-3 weeks
  3. The most natural looking alternative versus Individual/ Strip Lashes
  4. Waterproof
  5. Gives you a fresh faced look 24/7
  6. Virtually painless (on some)


  1. The lash glue can be very irritating to some. Although they have mild to strong versions it might not work well with your body chemistry. Both my mom and I have tried lash extensions and she's one of the unlucky ladies that can not handle the glue.

    Eyelash Extensions Applied By Sharon Kaye

    Eyelash Extensions Applied By Sharon Kaye
    Photo Credit: Ollie Photography

  2. The cost!! Expect to spend around $200-400 for this guilty pleasure.
  3. Only a professional can apply. Since the glue is very strong, like medical grade strong, applying lash extensions could possibly blind you
  4. After extended wear you will notice your own lashes thinning
  5. Application can take up to 2 hours
  6. They don't last that long depending on your pH balance & other factors. For the amount of money you spend on Lash Extensions I feel the amount of cash you dole out and time spent in the chair is no where comparable. Depending on may factors your lashes my fall off in a few days or a couple of weeks. You just never know

I wanted to provide all the factors of other products or procedures before introducing the product that will definitely put all of the other things to rest.

Younique 3D Fiber Mascara

I ordered this product last week from . Upon purchase, I was a little skeptical and thought what in the world is this mascara going to do that my mascara I love already doesn't do. Well it does more!

3D Fiber Lash Mascara

3D Fiber Lash Mascara


  1. I purchased it for $29 ($32 with shipping and handling)-- way less than Eyelash extensions and more economical than the strips because I will be able to use this product for a couple of months until it runs out.
  2. The swanky packaging makes you feel like a true Glam God!
  3. The results are amazing and all I'm doing is putting on mascara.
  4. It's a very easy process to apply A) Apply your favorite mascara. Let it dry B) Apply the Transparent Gel while still wet C) Apply The Fibers
  5.  Quick application (10 mins or less)

    My results using 3D Fiber Lashes

    My results using 3D Fiber Lashes. One Lash has mascara applied the other lash does not.

  6. Waterproof. I haven't tested it yet but I've heard that you can still having amazing looking lashes under water. (I'll keep you posted)
  7. No weakening or thinning of your own lashes with this product
  8. The most natural looking. You don't have to worry about lashes falling out making you look like a hot mess when you're in between appointments
  9. Gives you results that look as if you are wearing Strip/Individual Lashes or Lash Extensions.
  10. Some celebs love this product. Megan Good, Black Chyna, Toya Wright and Rasheeda


  1. The only con that I have is I wish I the shipping was a tab bit quicker but hey, beauty takes time.
  2. According to Jenny Milkowski, a broadcasting colleague,  who's been using the product longer than I have she states on Facebook: "The only thing you have to worry about is sometimes applying it so that the lashes look too spidery. I only use it for on-camera stuff or going out, but so far I love the stuff."

I've been only wearing the product for a week so at this point nothing stands out that I don't like. If I think of anything else I promise I will update but for now check out and their Instagram page for some before/after photos.


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