Review: Houston Ballet's Production of Aladdin

Review: Houston Ballet's Production of Aladdin

This weekend I had the pleasure to experience the Houston Ballet's Production of Aladdin. Since the last time that I went to a ballet was in elementary school for The Nutcracker, I was excited to attend this event. Held in the elegant Auditorium Theater of Roosevelt in the heart of downtown, this family friendly production was a perfect way to spend my evening.

With every fluid motion that each dancer mastered, they were able to retell the story of Aladdin without words. That was the beauty of it all! All they had to rely on was their perfection of each choreographed step to make this story come alive. The costume and set design added the visually component needed too mentally engaging the audience-- taking them on that magic carpet ride that they will never forget. My evening was quite enjoyable and I'm glad that I had a chance to experience attending such an amazing event.



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