Are You Busy Doing Nothing

When you first see Crystal Kay you are intrigued by what this captivating beauty from New York city has to offer. With a unique heritage blending Korean and African-American, you have a feeling that Ms.Kay's musical spectrum will be broad. She has been singing for awhile now in Japan and sold over 2 million albums. She's worked with the likes of Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis to Bloodshy & Avant.

Now with her overseas  success this self-proclaimed Blasian is ready for her US invasion!  Busy Doing Nothing is the first pop influenced single  released in the US which has received mixed reviews especially from those who have been following Crystal for awhile and are quite aware just how amazing she is. Some YouTub'ers already weighed in on their thoughts of the new single:

Yes, Mam, "You have my attention." @Chad A. Willis

I love CK. So many great songs i've heard from her over the years but this....Honestly this song is meh...kinda garbage/basura. Not gonna make any comparisons to her previous work but this just feels forced. I love Crystal and she is looking sexy as hell in this. Also i wish her the best of success but i hope the next single is something catchy and badd-ass. Next time i watch this it'll be on mute with Kira kuni playing in the bg.  @EnigmaticH3art

Despite a lukewarm welcome from some, Crystal's voice will always keep her #winning! It's the track Dum Ditty Dumb that got myself and others hooked.

YAAAAAAAAAS MAMA you're giving me everything on this track!!!! @stickymilkrice

girl!! this so hot!!! ck is so hard right now!!! @sweetdorka

What a great groove! I love the shamisen playing too. =^]  @Styrmonix

There are great things to come from Crystal and if she keeps this up, she will be on her way to US stardom. Busy doing nothing?? Not this chick, she is definitely doing something and doing it right. Make sure you keep an eye out for this talented beauty. For now, don't get caught "doing nothing" -- First listen to Busy Doing Nothing & Dum Ditty Dum and then connect with Crystal on social media



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