6 Items That Every Woman Should Have In Their Makeup Bag

6 Items That Every Woman Should Have In Their Makeup Bag

I'm not a make-up artist but I'm an everyday working woman ( in the entertainment industry) who loves experimenting with make-up. I'm such a make-up enthusiast that I've mastered creating some pretty impressive looks that has made people ask "Who did your makeup?". Many of my friends that do not wear make-up frequently ask me for advice. Recently it has been my mission to assist the everyday woman with make-up tips & tricks from another everyday woman. Below are 6 items that I think every woman should have in their make-up kit! Or if you're a beginner, these 6 items are great to begin your makeup journey and if you're an enthusiast as well then share  what your make-up must have's are!



1. Mac Mineralize Skin Finish Natural Powder ($25-30): This powder is great because it allows you to have a flawless finish without having to use a heavy foundation underneath. The powder is not cakey but it feels light while giving you the beautiful even skin that you desire. It is a little on the pricey side however I'm always a big believer of mixing a few high end products with cheaper products. This powder will last you a LOONNG time. I bought mine last summer and it is still going strong, so it's worth the investment.


2.  Maybelline Colossal Mascara ($5-8): After wearing eyelash extensions for awhile, I've decided to take a break and experiment with the beauty of my MaybellineColossalnatural lashes. Finding the right mascara for me has been a chore but when you do find one that works magic you want to hold on to it and never let go. Maybelline Colossal is that mascara! This product works wonders. Not only does it add so much volume to your lashes but it adds tremendous length. The formula is not goopy and thick which makes application super easy. The price tag is right up my alley as well. I'm in love with this product-- I hope you will love it too!


Revlon-Lip-gloss3. Revlon Lip Gloss ($6-8): Lip gloss/stick  is essential. It can add that extra pop that  you need to polish of a natural or glamours look. The problem is some can be very drying or cakey. The reason why Revlon's Lip Gloss is so great is the color intensity. You get a real intense pop of color like you are wearing lip stick and the shine that makes your lips kissable. Revlon provides an array of beautiful colors to choose from. Corral seems to be my favorite though.



 4. Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade or Brow Wiz ($18-20): Brows have been the rave recently and for good reason! Perfectly shaped brows can contour the face and really make your eyes stand-out! For awhile I have been admiring the beautiful looks that the dipbrow pomade has been able to do to some brows. This amazing product does more than what your average cheap brow pencil can do.

If you have barely-there brows the pomade helps naturally fill them in-- giving the illusion that you have thick brows . It is also waterproof, does not rub off easily and comes in an array of colors. If you are not experienced with filling in your brows, then this method of using a brush instead of a pencil might be a tad difficult for you. No worries! Anastasia provides the Brow Wiz for those that aren't that skilled. Brow wiz works the same as a pencil and gives the same amazing results as the pomade. You can generally find this product at Sephora or online at  http://www.anastasia.net/brows/

5. Black Gel Liner/ Pencil ($8-20): Finding a good black liner has been a challenge for me. You have some that smudge, disappear, or smear-- giving you raccoon eyes after an hour. There is nothing worse than applying make-up and realize you look like you have special effects make-up on making you appear like you've been in a brutal fight. I'd almost given up on finding a good liner until I came across Makeup Forever Aqua Black Gel Liner. All of the worries that you may have with a liner Make-up forever takes it away. Hence their name "make-up forever" the liner truly last forever. I haven't tried the pencils yet but I'm sure they wont be a disappointment. Another gel liner that impressed me was Wet & Wild The Fergie Line. The pro about this product is it glides on easy and the intensity of the black is Screen Shot 2012-08-02 at 10.39.43 PMwonderful. The con is it does start to smudge a little under the eyes. I'm not sure how either product will work in humid or warm weather but during the winter months it will give you those sexy smoldering eyes you've always craved.  My next experiment is to try Bobbi Brown's gel liner as well. You can never have too many liners!


6. Bronzer ($5-30): I swear by bronzer! It gives you a sexy glow all year around. I own two bronzers: Revlon SkinLights (which unfortunately is discontinued) and Mac. I love both of them for different reasons. The SkinLights is awesome for my deep brown skin. I generally use it in place of the Mac Mineralize Skin Finish Natural Powder for an all over glowIf I'm trying to achieve a nice macbronzersummer glow during the winter or really make my skin look like a Goddess in the summer then I use SkinLights. I've owned this product for so long and absolutely LOVE it! . The Mac bronzer I use for highlighting certain areas on my face which creates an stunning contoured look. With both of these products a little goes a long way so they should last quiet awhile.

Once you give these products a try I hope they help you as much as they've helped me! Leave me a comment and let me know your results. 

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