Now Introducing: Author Shirley Hardy-Leonard

Now Introducing: Author Shirley Hardy-Leonard

Shirley Hardy-Leonard resides in suburban Chicago and has written 19 stage plays, most having been produced at different venues around the country. Odysella (pronounced Odd-Is-Ella) is her first book. She is proud her biggest fans remain her late husband Bill and son David. 

Shirley shared a Chicago Emmy for “Crime of Innocence,” a drama based on the Emmett Till Murder for Chicago NBC-tv. She also was a Disney Fellow, working at Touchstone Pictures in Hollywood and won a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship.

Her last play, “Miss Dessa” was performed at the Chicago Theater Company, Marla Gibbs’ Crossroads Theater in L.A, the Illusion Theater in Minneapolis and  Kuntu Rep in Pittsburgh. The play was optioned by Paramount Pictures. Although that production was never completed, it was a great honor for “Miss Dessa’s creator.”

Her latest project Odysella  is a futuristic tale about two young people, Odysella, a 23rd century farm girl thrust into her destiny as an intergalactic leader and War B, a handsome rapper from Chicago, whose group Floss Angeles is in the midst of a comeback tour but ends up involved in a military mission with Odysella to save her planet of Nar. Odysella brings the past of hip-hop and politics slamming into the future much like a deadly asteroid. The exception is Odysella and War B find a positive way to blend their odd and very different backgrounds. Odysella is a unique tale for all ages.

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