Summer Fun At Chicago's Willis Tower Skydeck

This summer is going to be filled with things to do, one thing that should definitely be added to your list is visiting The Skydeck located in one of Chicago's staple landmarks-- Willis Tower. Just recently I had the pleasure of taking a STAYcation in Chicago (which is like a vacation however you take a few days off of work and explore your city with an out-of-town guest). My friend Vera came all they way from the deserts of Arizona to visit me in Chicago. I wanted to show her a good time and I insisted that one place that we should go is The Skydeck. This would be my second time, the first time I went was when I was 10, and this was Vera's first time ever hearing about this thing called The Willis Tower Skydeck.

When we first arrived the staff was super friendly! One staff member assisted with me obtaining my FAST PASS, which I suggest any patron to purchase, --the FAST PASS does just what it suggests it does. After getting our passes we stopped to take a photo and proceeded towards the elevator to reach the very top of the Willis Tower. In 60 seconds, we were at the 103rd floor to experience life on top of the city. The amazing views were captivating!

As you approach the window to look out, you will find some handy high-tech binoculars and informational stands there as well providing you with details on certain parts of the city that you're currently viewing. The Skydeck is good at providing all kinds of interactive and exciting ways to find out additional information about the building's history, which we thought was pretty cool.

Before we left we were really excited to take a picture out on The Ledge. The Ledge is a glass box that extends out 4.3 feet  from The Skydeck and is 1, 353 feet in the air. At first glance, it seemed like a really cool thing to do until we stepped out on The Ledge. We're both afraid of heights, so looking down only intensified the fear. Since we dared to go out on The Ledge, we held tightly onto each other to snap a quick photo. The results of the photos were fantastic. We bought a couple of souvenirs for Vera's parents back home in Arizona which brought our Skydeck experience to an end. I will come back when I want to feel on top of the world again.


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