The LATEX Project

Introducing The LATEX Project- a unique photo series combining fashion models with liquid latex body paint created by American photographer Clif Ellis. This series depicts models covered full body in full liquid latex of various colors and designs. The latex paint is applied in a liquid form, and is then dried to become an extremely elastic The LATEX Project Promo Photorubber skin. This “second skin” is the sole wardrobe for the models used in The LATEX Project.

On Monday March 4, 2013, Clif Ellis and his team launched a campaign on to create and publish a full magazine for The LATEX Project. The purpose of the campaign is to promote the project itself by raising money to coordinate travel, production and printing the magazine. The final product includes both digital and print magazines, calendars and other mediums. The LATEX Project team will be photographing the series in Chicago, New York, Miami, Atlanta, Houston and Los Angeles. Their plan is to create, design and distribute the entire magazine and calendar, by working with small businesses in Chicago-land area.

But, what would a successful project be without the help of contributors? The backers who help support The LATEX Project will receive some awesome perks, from advanced copies of the magazine and calendar, to joining their crew on set during an actual latex photo shoot! More importantly, these backers will receive the satisfaction of contributing to complete production of a custom magazine and an awesome photo series, which has the potential to become a worldwide success. The project can be found at:

Info courtesy of : Lauren King Director of Public Relations, Pixel Rated Media Group

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