Music Review: Justin Timberlake The 20 20 Experience

Music Review: Justin Timberlake The 20 20 Experience

I can see clearly now and it is not because the rain is gone. After spending all day with Justin Timberlake serenading me in my ear, my appreciation for this man musically has increased so much that any blurry vision that I had about today's music has totally cleared up. Now I will admit that my review may be slightly bias because I've adored Justin since his N'Sync days-- so if you're a Justin hater, you weren't feeling the single "Suit & Tie", or if you see the name Justin and Bieber comes to mind then this review is not for you. However, if you are tired of hearing everything from Frank Sinatra auto-tuned and you're looking for a more sexy, laid back adult musical experience then this review is exactly what you needed to hear.

As you may tell I am super excited that Justin released his new album The 20/20 Experience. Just last year I tweeted
JT TweetJustin about releasing new music and I would like to think that The 20/20 Experience was his answer to my call.

The album consists of 10 beautifully sang songs. The song Pusher Love Girl is the first song on the album and definitely one of my favorites. The song talks about a girl's love that he is high on. Hmm I wonder who he could be talking about. LOL. Could it be Mrs. Timberlake?

The combination of live instruments & those heavily produced Timbaland beats will keep you grooving in a very "cool cat" kind of way. I enjoy how Justin incorporated a "remix" version at the end of some of the songs.

To many people's dismay, this album is a very grown up Justin and I commend him for experimenting with a different kind of vibe when we are inundated with a very similar sound in R&B genre. I feel like I can play this album and JT-2020experience-studio-3not feel like I am making love in the club with every song. For example, the song Strawberry Bubblegum --  is a very sweet fun song that I can listen to while sipping a glass of wine instead of drowning in a bottle of Patron.

Rest assured with every song you will still hear that smooth falsetto that Justin uses to seduce each tune. Nevertheless, I am pretty sure that many critics may not be too thrilled about the tempo of the album. Personally I REALLY enjoy the tempo and everything about this album. I am completely happy and proud to see Justin in the studio and on the stage again. I can not wait to hear what's next from him. If you haven't had The 20/20 Experience, then your vision is quite blurry right now. Clear it up and listen to the full album which is currently streaming on iTunes now 

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