The Re-Birth of My Ink Story

There comes a time in every girls life that she needs to get her tattoo, that she impulsively got as a teenager, refreshed. That girl of course is, me . Although all my life I've been deathly afraid of needles, I decided awhile back that I had to have a tattoo. Years later I had no idea that I would have to relive the same anxiety and  pain that I did when I first got inked.

After my friend, Gina Ferraro- US99.5 Traffic Anchor, discovered that I had a tattoo she immediately stated

"I can barely see it. It is faded, it's time that you get it refreshed"

At that very moment, I knew it was time to make an appointment at the nearest tattoo shop. I've just been procrastinating because I chicken-out when I reminisce about the sound and feel of the needle. However, Gina challenged me and said the magic words

"I have a guy that I can call right now and set it up for you."

The inner chicken in me wanted to make up an excuse as to how I do not have time but the rebel in me, (which led me to get the tattoo in the first place)  took on the challenge and said "Call him"

After a few text messages and a phone call with Paulie, the owner of Tattoo Factory, I had an appointment two days later to get my tattoo refreshed with Double D--tattoo artist extraordinaire. When I arrived to the shop I was impressed with the decor. The moment I met Paulie, I felt like family. Gina left such a good lasting impression when she worked as a host on Tattoo Factory TV, that the love just trickled down to me .

Once the brief introductions were over, it was time to get down to the ink. Sweat starts to accumulate on my body, the pit of my stomach is churning, and sheer panic comes over me as I realize this is "it". I wanted to fake an emergency so I could leave but as I am standing in a shop where people have tattoo's in places I didn't even know tattoos could exist I realize I couldn't chicken-out. I sat down in Double D's chair to refrain from looking like a wimp.

The buzz of the needle invades my ears and I become consumed with the pain penetrating my skin. I sit and begin to think about those people that have compared the feeling of getting a tattoo to a mini massage and I wonder how crazy they are as this needle jumps on my back. Double D is the best tattoo artist as he coaches me through the process, making sure I am ok every step of the way. Paulie managed to come out and take candid shots of me enduring the pain which actually helped to distract me because before I knew it.... I was done!!! I was amazed.

I looked in the mirror and fell in love with my tattoo all over again. I was so pleased with everything ......that believe it or  not,  I discussed a concept for a new tattoo with Double D. I am happy that I got to share this experience with readers, Tattoo Factory, and my good friend Gina. Be sure to take a glance at the photos that documented the re-bith of my ink.

If you're looking for a place to get your tattoo done stop into Tattoo Factory located at 4441 N Broadway  Chicago, IL 60640. Tell them Nekia Nichelle sent you.


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