Now Introducing: Clif Ellis Prominent New Fashion Figure

Now Introducing: Clif Ellis Prominent New Fashion Figure

In my field coming across an abundance of photographers isn't an extraordinary day, what is extraordinary... is finding a photographer as talented as Clif Ellis.

Clif Ellis is a Chicago native and self taught Photographer, Director, and Designer with an extensive background in graphic design &  directing. Clif is more than a triple threat, he's a powerhouse. With a strong focus on fashion, glamour and commercial photography, his eye-catching work has been featured in TimeOut Chicago, VS Chicago, Chicago Tribune/Redeye, LA Tan,  FGM Magazine and on NBC Chicago/Univision. 

His talents have landed him the opportunity to work with some elite companies, agencies, and photographers in the industry such as: Playboy, Sebastien Grey, Clear Channel, and more.  He's also shot and directed a number of commercials and music videos.

Clif's passion and drive is unstoppable!

Clif states: "I love what I do. My work is almost like and addiction and like any addiction, you start to grow a tolerance for it. That's when I have to reinvent myself. Its like a constant cycle that drives me to do better. Every time I step on set, my goal is to try and out do what I've already done. And that makes clients happy as well".

In 2009, he founded LaKrem Fashion Network, which focuses on fashion events, entertainment and talent casting in the Chicagoland area.

Currently Clif is focusing on working more  in the European and Asian fashion markets. His highly anticipated photo series The LATEX Project is already creating quite a buzz with some of the sexy images that have been released. The LATEX Project will be Clif's abstract take on when the body and latex paint collide. He plans to launch the project worldwide early to mid February .

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