Charlie Murphy In Chicago: Stand-up Review

This weekend several comedians made their way to Chicago to make several city dwellers laugh. Out of all the other comedians, I chose Charlie Murphy as my laugh doctor and I am happy I did. Charlie kicked off his Acid Trip Tour performing 3 nights in a row at UP Comedy Club located in the Lincoln Park area.

As the lights dimmed we got a brief introduction behind the name CHARLIE MURPHY. Charlie has a long history in the business even I neglected to realize just how many talents the man has. Clips of CB4, The Players Club, Norbit, Jungle Fever and many other movies flashed on the screen giving us constant reminders of Charlie's extended past.

Before Charlie hit the stage, local comedian Ricky Gonzalez was the host for the packed venue with a refreshingly diverse crowd even Freez Luv, Charlie's opening act & special guest, made reference in his jokes about it. Freez Luv is a veteran comedian,  actor, writer, emcee and creator of Eco-Hop . Although his moniker references otherwise, Freez  was just the perfect person to warm up the crowd. Throughout this tour he will be performing internationally alongside Charlie Murphy.

As Charlie made his way to the stage, his infectious smile is definitely what draws you in. Charlie kept his focus on ..."reality" as strange as they may sound. Without giving the whole show away, I will tell you this... Charlie is a fantastic storyteller which makes his delivery even funnier. He does not have to put on any antics in order to make you laugh. He has a natural born gift of storytelling and expression that transcends into hilarity. On this tour, he will make you question "reality" and skew your focus on what is considered "reality". I left the show with my cheeks hurting and my head aching. You would think I got into a fight, but no, that was all from laughing so hard. Charlie was just the medicine that I needed this weekend. Unlike the Chappelle Show,  this was Charlie Murphy LIVE! As I am reminiscing about some of his jokes I wish it was recorded so I can pop in the DVD whenever I want to laugh hysterically. For more information about Charlie Murphy visit or you can follow him on Twitter: @cmurphycomedy


Photos Courtesy of: Jordan Levi of Two 3 Zone


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