PRINCE Welcome 2 Chicago: Concert Review

PRINCE Welcome 2 Chicago: Concert Review

As the lights to the United Center dimmed, sounds of thunder erupted from the heavy sound system. The crowd began to scream because they knew something good was yet to follow. The stage filled with smoke and kept the audience in a memorized trance as they tried to figure out what was happening on stage. Within a blink of an eye, you saw a head with glasses slowly emerge from underneath the stage. A figure stood in the shadows of all the smoke and with a few seconds, PRINCE emerges from head to toe holding his guitar.  Everyone in the audience was out of their seats screaming as he teased us and stood with a stance so still I thought it was a mannequin. Dressed in yellow bell bottom stretch pants and a colorful bright red, yellow and black top, he began strutting across the glyph-shaped stage. The first beat dropped and the crowd roared even louder in excitement as he opened the performance with "Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here tonight...."

"Let's Go Crazy" blared through the stadium. PRINCE even had me going crazy as I sang and danced to the tune in the audience. He kept the momentum going as he transitioned into one of my favorites,  "1999". The crowd was hyped and enjoyed every moment of it. The affect he had on the crowd as he tickled the strings on his electric guitar was simply magnetic. He slowed it down at times with tunes like "Sometimes It Snows In April"   and "Shhh (Break It Down)"  which caused all the couples to move a little closer together.

PRINCE ended the romantic mood and introduced his new artist, Andy Allo. Andy's petite frame and demure persona will have you amazed by the strong vocals that she belts out. As she premiered her new song "People Pleaser", PRINCE stood on the side line peering at her with such a proud look in his eyes it reminded me of a proud papa looking at his daughter. PRINCE took a moment after Andy's performance to apologize to the crowd about yesterday's mishap and made up for it by jumping right into "Take Me With You" accompanied by Andy.  According to some, concertgoers were disgruntled after Monday's performance got a late start and early finish, as well as,  some reports that the after party got shut down early. However, you can tell that the crowd forgave him instantaneously by the way they swayed to the beat of the music.

I was really touched when PRINCE did a tribute to the late Michael Jackson by incorporating a rendition of "Don't Stop Til You Get Enough" and "Cool" by Prince/ The Time. He truly is a phenomenal performer and artist. I left the concert on a natural high from having the chance to experience PRINCE live. There was truly nothing like it! I recommend that if you have a chance to check out the last Chicago performance, please do so and experience it yourself. Not only will you recieve the joy of experiencing Prince live but its in support of Rebuild the Dream, founded by Van Jones, is a mobilization of hundreds of thousands of everyday people–from seniors to students, moms, dads, Brothers and Sisters–who come together to build strong vibrant communities and to fix our economy from the ground up. I welcome Prince 2 return back to Chicago.... anytime!

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