Now Introducing: Comedian Ray Grady

Now Introducing: Comedian Ray Grady

Chicago native, Ray Grady, started performing comedy in 2002 after his boss demanded he should start a career in stand-up. After hosting a party for his boss,  two weeks  later Ray and the stage were inseparable. In 2006, while at the infamous comedy club Jokes & Notes Ray had a brief encounter, in the bathroom no less, with the producer of  TV One's Who Got Jokes?  before his show. His 3-minute impressive performance landed him an appearance on the TV series alongside Bill Bellamy. Within that same year, he was choosen to be one of the "New Faces" of Jamie Foxx's Laffapalooza in Atlanta, GA. Being heavily influenced by his father growing up, Ray usually approaches comedy as observational humor through the male's perspective versus overly emotional. His different "characters" that he re-enacts is generally what brings the connection from the audience to the stage.

With the impeccable comedic ability to emulate so many characters, it is no wonder that Ray was able to land a couple of episodes on TV One's Love The Girl and Martin Lawrence Presents: First Amendment Stand-Up. Ray isn't opposed to building an extensive resume and transcending into acting he says:

"Yeah why not! As a stand-up comic stability is the main focus. I am a road comic! Instead of me going on the road for a month, I can get a script in my hand for the same pay for a couple hours of work. It's a different transition but definitely worth it. Acting is inside of me, I've been doing characters since I was 11. I am really really focused on the next step"

The next step for Ray is touring with Corey Holcomb, giving back to his community through his charity "Comics Give Back" which he is launching in the next couple of months, and building the Ray Grady brand. Receiving accolades from Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Kevin Hart, and Mike Epps Ray is confident that he is moving in the right direction. He advises that other comedians "shouldn't pursue comedy as a career if you do not have the passion for it"  His passion for the real art of comedy is what brought him this far and is what keeps him going.

For more information about Ray Grady visit or follow on Twitter: @GradyComedy

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