Now Introducing: Author Ron Williams

Now Introducing: Author Ron Williams

by Victoria Rose

Searching through the shelves for a great book about relationships can be a difficult task.  Every now and then, there is a diamond in the rough; A book like no other giving women a new approach to a successful relationship.  Over the years, women have become increasingly dominate in the business world. They conquer task after task and receive promotion after promotion.

Why is it so easy for women to succeed in the business world but not with love?

Ron Williams has all the answers in “The Right Man Business Plan.” The book provides women with successful tips to not only finding a man but the RIGHT man. It allows women to see that they can apply the same approach they would in business to their relationships instead of trying the same approach time after time with changing partners and expecting different results. For all the tips to a successful relationship, you can purchase “The Right Man Business Plan” on Amazon or at Also check out Ron Williams on Facebook at and Twitter at @ronwilliamslive

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