Jill Scott is Blessed.... Yes, Yes [FULL INTERVIEW]

Jill Scott is Blessed.... Yes, Yes [FULL INTERVIEW]

While on tour,  Jill Scott took sometime out to hang with just Nekia Nichelle to talk about her journey, love,  life, and music. Read below for full interview.....

JNN: Hi Thanks for taking the time out to talk to me today. How are you?

Jill Scott: I am good. Thank you. I am chilling

JNN: Prior to breaking into the industry I noticed you worked many odd jobs but you have to keep up the mental hunger, drive and passion while going to a job that you know is not your true calling. How did you mentally manage that?

JS: I believe in the work ethic and I think if you put your effort into whatever you're doing it’s going to take you somewhere. It's as simple as working at McDonalds and having a smile on your face. Someone is going to take notice that you are present. When you have a dream or goal of something else and you're working a regular job to pay your bills. You just have to make sure when you have the opportunity to live inside that dream, you put everything you have inside of it.

JNN: Did you ever have scary moment or feeling like "I might be at this job for the rest of my life". Did you have that thought?

JS: No! No, I never had that feeling. I am one of those people that will quit a job in a second. If I am unhappy.. If I can't stand to go to a job, I will not go. You're absolutely never stuck anywhere. Ask the creator for something else. Whatever you ask for you do receive.

JNN: True. Briefly take me through the moment when Questlove discovered you.

JS: I was at a poetry reading. I just decided to sing because I wasn't for awhile. I just decided ok I'll do this because it feels good. I will do it and he was in the audience. He knew my girlfriend Leslie and he asked if he could have my number. He called me and asked if I would go in with Scott Storch and see if I can come up with something. I said ok and that’s how it started.

JNN: Wow! Where were you when you saw your debut video for the first time?

JS: Where was I? I was at home. I was in North Philadelphia 17th & Wallace and I was just sitting in front of the TV.

JNN: What did you do at that moment? Did you cry, scream like you won the lotto, was it surreal?

JS: It was surreal. I got very close to the television and I watched. I watched it like I never seen it before.

[JNN & Jill laugh]

JNN: You're like "I did that..that's amazing"

JS: I kind of separate myself from being a celebrity. That's the way that I tend to find balance because if music, as much as I love it....It's not my entire existence. I do not think that anything should be your entire existence. I still like long walks, I like to go swimming, I like having drinks with friends, you know I enjoy cleaning. I don't want to be the "star", for a lack of a better phrase, some people put that on you.

JNN: You have a really great way of evoking emotion in your songs and I feel like every song in your album can evoke passion, hurt, love, pain, joy. How do you do that?

JS: [chuckle] I really pay attention. I really pay attention and when I am sad.. I look at it. I dissect it. I want to know where it is. Does it make me stand different. You know, does it make the base of my neck hurt ...or my back. If I am happy I want to know where it is on me and how it is coming out. You know I truly like to pay attention.


JNN: I would love to know what's a day in studio like with you. Do people cry? I know I get chills just hearing you half the time.

JS: Most of the time we end up clapping and hugging.

JNN: Let's talk about the "The Light of the Sun" how would you describe this album from others?

JS: I don't know how different... I've never compared them. People do that, I don't do that. I don't even know how to compare. How do you compare one child to the next or one breath to the next? I am grateful for all of it. I really don't like to do that to myself.

JNN: That’s true. It's just sometimes you know.. you've grown or you've been in a better place.

JS: Oh my life is different. Absolutely! I've been married, divorced, got into another relationship, that didn't work out, had a child, moved from Philadelphia to New Jersey, New Jersey back to Philadelphia to California, been around, traveled the world some more, been to Africa 7 months in my life, woke up with hyenas in the back yard. I mean from Philadelphia to now the journey continues. I pray.

JNN: Yes, you're making a great journey. You're on tour right now. Your infamous Block Party.

JS: Yes.

JNN: My photographer captured a moment where a guy proposed to his girlfriend on stage. Do you see what your music does it’s beautiful?

JS: Yeah… [laughing]

JNN: Tell me more about VH1 Storytellers and other acting projects you’re working on.

JS:  Storytellers is great. It’s #2 under Bon Jovi. I have a new television show coming. It’s a television movie with Queen Latifah, Phylicia Rashad and Alfre Woodard called “Steel Magnolias”. We did a remake for Lifetime and that should be out in September.

Jill Scott continues to still bless us with her extraordinary talents.... yes, yes.  Follow Jill Scott on Twitter @missjillscott or visit her website www.missjillscott.com to keep up with her.


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